Polar M460 GPS cycling computer with live Strava segments sync and smart training features

Introduced as the M450 in 2015, the new Polar M460 GPS cycling computer brings a few functional and aesthetic improvements to make their budget almost-category-killer cycling computer an even better deal. The important stuff -good price, integrated blinky light, full GPS, barometer-based inclinometer- carries over. What’s new is expanded 3rd party power meter compatibility, enhanced smart training features and Strava Live Segments, and more. Like better buttons and colors…

Polar M460 GPS cycling computer with live Strava segments sync and smart training features

The M460 goes all black, and gains textured buttons so they’re easier to use by feel. The big red Start/Stop button remains top and center. Other basic specs include IPX7 water resistance and a 16 hour battery.

Polar M460 GPS cycling computer with live Strava segments sync and smart training features

From a training perspective, the device will now pair with the following power meters: Rotor 2INpower, 4iiii Precision
Power Tap G3, Powertap P1, Powertap P1S, Powertap C1, Quarq DZero, Stages, PowerMax NG, and Polar’s Keo Power. Polar says modern power meters now transmit far more types of data (power balance, force vectors, etc.) and that the M450 and V650 weren’t programmed to receive that info, but this new M460 is.

Screens are customizable through the Polar Flow smartphone app, which is where your ride data will sync via Bluetooth after you finish. From there, it can send the data off to Strava or Training Peaks. Speaking of TP, it builds in several of that brand’s trademark training metrics like Intensity Factor, Normalized Power and Training Stress Score as real time numbers.

Also in real time are Strava Live Segments with advance warning on upcoming segments. Of course, you’ll need Strava Premium to use this feature, so they include a free two-month subscription with purchase. There are also on-bike fitness tests to gauge your body’s levels. Full Specs and features include:

FSNT positive transflective display
Size 34,65mm x 34,65mm
Up to 10 displays (based on activated features and sensors)
Up to 4 metrics per screen
Customizable displays

High precision ST LPS25H barometer

HR sensor H10 (also later Polar OH1)
BT Smart Power
BT Smart Speed
BT Smart Cadence

64 Mb flash memory
70 hours of recording time with HR, GPS and Power sensors on

Reachable 385mAh, 4,35V battery
Battery duration up to 16 hours of training with HR and GPS. 12 hours with all sensors and safety light turned on.

USB connectivity for data sync with PC or Mac (Flow SW needed)
BT Smart

New functionalities with free updates or payable upgrades

UI localized for English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Russian, Polish, Turkish, Czech, Indonesian

No need to install additional speed sensor on the bike
Speed, distance, location,
Back-to-start routing


Heart Rate, Bike Power, Bike Speed, Bike Cadence

User selectable training views

USB cable (desktop) or BLE with mobile

Online web service (Flow)
Flow app
Training Peaks

Auto on/off Front LED light

You may notice the lack of ANT+ anywhere in there, and it’s true. Which is why I call this the “almost category killer” computer. Because for the features versus price, it’s a steal. But if you’ve already got an ANT+ power meter and really want to use all of the features it offers, you can’t. If you’ve got a dual transmission PM, check it out. Retail is $179.90 (€179.90) on its own, or $/€229.90 bundled with the new H10 heart rate strap, which will let you use the Polar Flow app to see recovery status (pre-workout readiness) and training load (post-workout assessment). For a detailed view of other features, check our launch coverage and first impressions of the M450 here.



  1. patrick on

    No ant+. Hardly any actual screen for how much surface area that thing has. Max of 4 fields? With the 520 and Bolt sitting at only $70 more, I don’t see how on Earth this will sell. I’m all for more competition in a field where the tech has barely changed since the Garmin 500, but this is lame….even if it is aero AF. I do like anything that blinks though.

  2. Flatbiller on

    I would love to be in the room when they jot down the bullet points for the specs list.

    “Okay, let’s start off with the same design this segment has had for the last 20 years. And let’s use the same tired LED display that’s been used for 30 years. Anything else?”

  3. Ryan S on

    Look how small the screen area is relative to the frame! Huge bezels = wasted space! Imagine carrying around a smartphone where less than 50% of the front was actually screen area.

    Either make the overall size smaller, giving a smaller unit, or increase the screen size to match to take advantage of the units size. The designers we’re sleeping on practicality. Even the first generation Garmins weren’t that bad.

  4. Mark Sondag (@JombiWombi) on

    I love my M450, but then I don’t care about bezels, ant+, power meters, heart rate, or cadence. Just tell me my speed and track my ride. Everything else is just clutter that gets in the way of me enjoying my ride. I like the addition of the blinky light on this M460 though 🙂

  5. ELEVEN_g on

    I am not sure if some of the comments here are serious or not… I hope they’re not, otherwise cycling has not only jumped one, but a whole ocean of sharks…

  6. MoneyPenny23 on

    Polar really missed the mark not killing anything. I bought the Lezyne Super GPS that has ANT+ and navigation for only $150 bucks. I think it does strava segmets but it uploads directly. All the functions and more. Specs wise it’s the best computer for the money.


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