Just after adding a couple wider options for their alloy rims, WTB has increased the width of their carbon offerings, too.

The new Ci31 gets its name from the material (C for Carbon) and the (i) internal width (31) in millimeters. Available now in 27.5 and 29er sizes, claimed weights are 455g and 490g, designed for tire widths ranging from  47mm to 72mm. They’re “floor pump tubeless friendly” and rated for XC, Trail and Enduro…

Pricing is $599.95 each, available on WTB’s website now.

Their Freedom brand is melding into WTB, which brings their classic looking ThickSlick urban tire under the WTB naming scheme. As such, the Race keeps its name, Sport becomes Comp, and the others (Elite and Deluxe) fuse into a new Flat Guard. Those will have three layers of various flat and puncture protection, the outer most simply being an extra (and extra thick) layer of rubber under the entire tire. They found that to be one of the most effective forms of protection, and it helps the tire last longer, too. Retail ranges from $29.95 to $36.95.



  1. Seraph on

    Um guys, no one measures tires in millimeters anymore. I’m sure what you meant to say is that the rims will fit a tire ranging from 1.8 to 2.8 inches wide. This isn’t the early 90s.

    • someguy on

      What do you mean no one measures tires in mm anymore? not only is road/cross stuff measured in mm but more and more things are moving to metric as time goes on, not away from it.

      The sooner the last 3 countries (and certain industries) to use imperial give up on it, the better off the world will be. There’s a reason science doesn’t bother with inches and feet.

  2. Marin on

    Those rims are heavy for carbon. My DT 471s weigh the same and cost about 8-9x less money.

    They’re also very tough, work great as tubeless and are 30mm internal.


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