Riders looking for affordable, wide internal width, carbon wheels for tackling road & gravel tracks keep getting more and more options. Next Cycling is the latest to roll into the fray with their new 24mm internal Xplor wheels that they’re calling “the best endurance allroad wheel on the planet.”

NEXT Xplor wide carbon endurance gravel road wheels

Hyperbole aside, the details of Next’s newest Xplor wheels hit a nice mixed-surface road sweet spot. The wheels are wide by most modern road standards at 24mm inside and 30mm external. That should make for a good high-volume ride feel, and still get a well supported tire shape & good aerodynamics profile even with 28-32mm wide road and gravel treads. At 40mm deep the blunt-nosed profile should do well into the wind without getting blown around much if it gets windy.

Tech Details

Of course they are tubeless, and Next opted for a hookless profile that works great at the lower pressures of fat all-road & gravel tires.

The disc brake only Xplors are light too, helped by dropping the brake track, and getting a max tire pressure rating of 70psi. That sounds low for a road rim, but when you consider they are an endurance wheel and destined for 30mm tires it seems about right. At 80kg, I usually run around 60 psi in tubeless 28mm road tires, and down to ~50psi at 30mm wide.

The Xplors low-resin, 3D wound carbon rims are said to weigh just 405g a piece, and include molded in spoke & valve holes.  Next builds them up to a claimed 1402g for a complete wheelset with DT Swiss 240 hubs – including their tubeless tape and valves installed.

Pricing & Options

Each set of Xpor wheels are built up to order in the USA, which leads to high build quality and the opportunity for a bit of customization. You can pick from Next’s own alloy hubs with cassette & XD driver options, DT 350 or 240s, Industry Nine Torch, Project 321, or Chris King hubs, with several different color possibilities depending. The wheels all come with 24 spokes, 2x front & rear with premium Sapim CX-Ray spokes, and you can also pick spoke & nipple colors to suit.

Xplor wheels with Next hubs start at just $1395 for a pair (and a claimed 1453g), while the lightest DT hub build will set you back $1895.



  1. D-con on

    I wish that I’d built my road wheels to P321s. Compared to DT 240s, the freewheeling drag on my mountain bike is noticeably lower and the near silence is addictive.

  2. matt on

    They are assembled in the US by The Most Anal-Retentive Engineer I’ve ever met, and I’m married to the daughter of the previous holder of that title so I know my AREs. I’ve known Jerry (NEXT wheel guy, not my FIL) for 15 years and he’s annoyingly nit-picky… exactly the kind of guy you want building your wheels. I’ve had the opportunity to pick up a set a few times but never really had a bike worthy of them/the expense (rim brake road and 12x per year CX bike didn’t seem worth it) until I got a FS MTB last summer. I meet Jerry for a ride while up in NH and picked his brain about the wheels and his build approach for 90 minutes. He engineers the builds and it’s specs specs specs for everything. The decision was easy for me after that as I knew I finally had the right bike to put them on. The rims are Asian (as are most carbon bike bits) but Jerry has some input into their construction so these aren’t rims you’ll find on ebay, Aliexpress or Chinertown. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone that sweats each build the way he does. The $250 crash replacement can’t be beat either.

    I paid full retail for my wheels and I get no perks for pimping his wheels. He’s a good guy running a small business and his work product is outstanding.


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