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Niner Bikes Issues Recall for Jet 9 Mountain Bikes

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FROM NINER: We would like to apologize to Niner owners who have been patiently waiting for us to address the problems you have been experiencing with the Jet 9. Please understand it has nothing to do with Niner ignoring or not caring about our customers.

The fact is we have been very hard at work analyzing the issues with the Jet 9 so that we could fully understand the warranty cases we received and provide a definitive solution. This analysis included destructive testing, metallurgical study and FEA computer modeling. Using these methods we examined the quality of the base metal, filler material, heat affected zone of the weld, structural design and finish quality of the frames. We built over 20 new prototypes and tested them in every way imaginable.

In light of test results and after many hours of discussion on how best to serve our loyal customers, we decided to voluntarily recall Jet 9 frames with serial numbers from P8071682 to P8400454. These frames risk welding defects in the front and rear triangles that may lead to a premature failure of the frame. Unfortunately, there is no way to visually check for these weld defects. We must require that you stop riding the frame immediately because a failure could occur at any time.

We cannot overstate our concern in regards to these issues, and are investing significant portion of company resources into correcting the issue in the most expedited manner. Niner puts a lot of care into producing bikes that we are proud to put our name on. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and we realize that ths recall is a huge inconvenience. The amount of time we have put into this testing process has caused production delays, leaving orders unfilled. We know that customers spent hard earned money on a Niner and now we are asking that you to send the frame back for replacement. For some people this is a second time. We cannot begin to explain how sorry we feel about this, but we promise we will make things right and thank you for your purchase, understanding and support.

Full recall information is here.

EDITOR’S NOTE: They mean it when they say they’ll make things right…check out the sweet offers they’ve got for anyone affected by the recall after the break…

If you didn’t see it, the result of all the testing and analysis is a redesigned 2010 Jet 9 that we posted earlier.  Check it out here.


Instead of continuing work on an interim solution using the current Jet 9 frame, we decided to move ahead with a complete redesign. We developed many new features for the R.I.P. 9 and W.F.O. 9 frames that will greatly enhance the new Jet 9:

  • Tapered head tube to accept new 80-100mm tapered forks
  • Hydro-formed tubes for added stiffness without increasing weight
  • Forged frame pieces for added stiffness
  • Same great geometry and travel as the previous Jet 9

The bottom line: Every current owner of a Jet 9 under the voluntary recall will have the option of receiving a replacement frame (front and rear triangle). Your new frame will be reassembled with your current linkages and shock before we ship it to you.

We are already in the prototyping process for the new Jet 9, but delivering the redesigned model will take some time to accomplish. We hope to start shipping new frames to customers in late Winter or early Spring 2010. This could be at long as 6 months from now. We understand this is simply not a viable option for many of you. In effort to accommodate varying customer needs, we offer several options detailed below.


Option 1 (Available until October 31st)

I want to keep riding and use this opportunity to grow the quiver – Purchase a different NINER frame at an extreme discount. Ride your new bike while you wait to receive your free replacement Jet 9 frame. In the long run, you end up with two bikes at a really good price.

Special Discount Pricing:

R.I.P. 9 = $800 (discount of $999)
ONE 9 / S.I.R. 9 = $300 (discount of $549)
AIR 9 / M.C.R. 9 = $300 (discount of $499)
E.M.D. 9 = $150 (discount of $349)

Option 2

I would rather own a R.I.P. 9 – Make the permanent switch to a RIP 9 at no charge. No replacement Jet 9 frame will be shipped.

Option 3

I have the patience of a saint. I can wait. – Receive a $150 gift certificate towards Niner gear while you wait to receive your free replacement Jet 9 frame.

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14 years ago

I don’t think I’ve actually wished I had a defective frame before now.

14 years ago

Nice PR…but it just goes to show how marked up this shit is.

14 years ago

And everything else you buy from every other store isn’t?

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