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Northwave adds eVent fabric to new Arctic Winter Jacket

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But it’s 90º F outside right now, you say. Such is the production and sales cycle of clothing that a wind and waterproof winter cycling jacket is being announced in June, but at least you’ll be ready (and actually be able to get the size and colors you want) if you start shopping for winter gear now.

The new Northwave Arctic Jacket with eVent fabrics uses the latter company’s very air permeable yet highly water resistant fabrics as an alternative to membranes from Gore and Neoshell. eVent came about thanks to the air filter technology developed by its parent company. They found that the microscopic pores that let air pass while trapping pollutants worked quite well at letting sweat vapor escape in one direction while keeping larger water droplets from coming in.

Warm and cozy is nice, but the Arctic Jacket is also meant to keep you safe. It uses high visibility colors and Pixel reflective inserts to ensure drivers will see you when the days get short, foggy and gray…


The Arctic Jacket uses eVent’s newest material called DVstretch, which can stretch up to 35% then return to its original shape without compromising its barrier to wind and water. It’s used across the entire front and back of the jacket, then a softer fleecy material is placed on the sides and under the arms.

The Pixel technology allows the reflective elements to be printed directly onto the fabrics rather than being sewn into seams, letting them add more of it to more places. It’s used on the collar, sleeves and back. (check out pics of Pixel in all its reflective glory here)

Available in October, pricing TBA.


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8 years ago

If the price is $TBA I’m guessing closer to $LOL than $YES.

“Arctic” conjures images of snow and ice, and in that case a softshell seems perfectly suitable for the weather and more durable in a fall. I love my eVent jacket and would hate to see what happens in a spill.

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