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Nukeproof Horizon V2 bar, chain guide and Ti components celebrate brand’s 30th year

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Launching in celebration of Nukeproof’s 30th year of trading are a whole bunch of new, colorful, shiny components. The popular Nukeproof Horizon Alloy and Carbon bars are updated for 2020, with a new shape, lay-up, and the addition of 35mm options. New new is a Nukeproof Horizon chain device, adding a splash of color to your ride, and finally, all-new Ti-coated bottom brackets have been added to the ever growing range of componentry.

2020 Nukeproof Horizon Alloy and Carbon Bar


Building on the success of the current range of Nukeproof Horizon Carbon and Alloy bars, the brand have seen fit to update the range for 2020, altering the back sweep for a more ergonomic wrist position, and adding a 35mm version. Despite 31.8mm bars offering a more compliant and comfortable ride feel, Nukeproof, like many other brands, have given in to the 35mm trend. And why shouldn’t they? After all, some riders do prefer the stiffer feel of the 35mm bar, despite the extra hand and arm vibration it bestows upon the rider.


Back to that back sweep… After extensive testing from computer modelling, lab and on-the-bike testing, Nukeproof have gone for a complete ground up redesign of the popular Horizon bar. The result of their testing was that a 9° back sweep presented the most ergonomic angle for the wrist. The problem Nukeproof’s testers had with this was that such a large degree of back sweep reduces the bike’s effective reach measurement, presumably making the rider feel too cramped. To negate the loss of reach presented by a 9° back sweep, the 2020 Nukeproof Horizon bar has been designed with a slight offset at the clamp region. Rolling the bars forwards by 10mm allows for a reduced loss of reach while maintaining that ergonomic wrist angle presented by the 9° back sweep.

The 2020 Nukeproof Horizon alloy bar will set you back £60

In terms of the other metrics, the 2020 Nukeproof Horizon bars are much the same as their previous iteration, with a 5° upsweep, and riser options of 12mm, 25mm and 38mm, and a standard width of 800mm. Nukeproof are offering the bar with black, blue, red, purple, grey or copper decals. An alloy Sam Hill signature bar is also offered in the 31.8mm diameter with the same 9° back-sweep, 6° upsweep, with 20mm or 38mm riser options. Note that this one is only available with a width of 760mm.

The carbon Horizon bar is only available in black with grey decals, priced at £110

As for the carbon bar, it receives the same revision to its shape, with the offset allowing that 10mm roll to maintain the 9° backsweep. The carbon layup is updated for 2020, now featuring a 3k carbon weave incorporated at the end of the bars where grips, brakes and shifter are mounted. This addition reinforces the strength of the bar at this location which is most likely to impact trees and the ground when crashing. The main body utilizes a high quality UD carbon layup.


The 2020 Nukeproof Horizon Carbon bar actually weighs in 20g lighter than its predecessor, with the 25mm rise, 31.8mm clamp version now weighing just 232g. The bar has been finished with a friction-bestowing particle paint for gripping components such as the stem, brakes and grips at the recommended torque settings. To aid set up, all angle markings have been sensibly placed in the riders field of view from the cockpit.


All-new Chain Guide bling

The Nukeproof Horizon chain devices are fully compatible with both round and oval chainrings from 28T up to 36T.

This is something truly new from Nukeproof. A simple chain guide, but a very bling chain guide at that. These chain guides have been tested at the top level of the sport, the Enduro World Series, and are compatible with both Shimano and SRAM drivetrains, fitting most frames.

The Top Guid weighs in at 45g with its two bolts and two 3mm washers

The guides are composed of machined 6061 aluminium back plates combined with a composite top guide and bash to secure and protect the drivetrain. Bash Guards are available to fit both 32T and 36T chainrings.

With the bash guard for a 32T chainring, the chain guide weighs 106g with its three bolts and three 3mm washers

The composite top guide on all the chain guides is co-moulded with a softer rubber on the inside to reduce noise and increase longevity. Mounting holes on the guides are securely slotted to clock the guide at exactly the right angle on your bike. Height adjustments are simply made by loosening the M4 bolt and sliding the guide. Stainless steel hardware has been used throughout to give maximum strength and keep the guides looking fresh.

The low direct chain guide weighs in at 32g with its two bolts and two 3mm washers

Nukeproof are offering a low direct guide (SRAM S2/Shimano E-Type Standard compatible) and a top guide (ISCG 05), with and without a bash guard, priced at £27.99, £34.99 and £59.99, respectively. All are available in 6 Horizon colors: black, copper, grey, red, blue and purple.

Nukeproof Horizon Titanium Bottom Brackets

A Nukeproof Horizon Ti-Coated Bottom Bracket will set you back £59.99

Also new to the Horizon line-up are Titanium Bottom Brackets, available as of February. OK, the BB itself isn’t made of the Titanium, but the bearing races are Ti-coated, just as they are in the Horizon Headsets. The BBs will be available in several types as follows:

  • Threaded 68/73mm: Shimano HT2, GXP & DUB
  • Threaded 83mm: Shimano HT2 & GXP
  • Threaded 73mm:30mm spindle cranks
  • Pressfit 89mm/ 92mm: Shimano HT2, GXP & DUB


The titanium coating is applied using “Physical Vapour Deposition” which means that the material is vaporised in a vacuum environment and then deposited on the bearing races as a composition coating. This process allows the structure, density and stoichiometry of the coating to be controlled allowing the exact attributes in Nukeproof’s design brief to be achieved. The coating is 0.000118” thick and has a molecular bond to the bearing races so it won’t wear off or corrode. The bearing is ABEC 5 certified which means that it has passed tests which include ID and OD tolerance’s, roundness of ball, trueness of faces & surfaces as well as noise testing at high RPM making it the perfect bearing for use in a headset. These bearings have been designed for use in the harshest conditions, are highly inert and do not oxidize.

Ti-Coated Headsets


The Horizon headset will feature sealed bearings with titanium coated races with stainless steel balls which can handle even the harshest conditions. If you own a Nukeproof headset already then you can simply upgrade the bearings as they are available as part of Nukeproof’s upgrade and spares package. They’re so confident in the longevity of the bearings that they have chosen to offer a 5-year warranty on the headset bearings. Bearings are sold separately as bottom and top cups, each priced at £29.99.



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