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OMG! txting while drving banned in North Carolina

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North Carolina State Senate passed a bill Tuesday that will prohibit the use of cell phones for texting and sending email while driving.

Critic object that the law is unenforceable, since it’ll be near impossible to determine if someone is simply dialing a number or looking at caller ID.  But, like the 3 Feet 2 Pass laws, simply passing the law sends the message that it’s illegal and that people need to take a look at their behavior.

“We know this law is hard to enforce,” said Sen. Malcolm Graham, a Charlotte Democrat. “But by passing it, we send the message to youngsters starting a career of driving that part of being a responsible driver is not using your cell phone.”

What the News & Observer article doesn’t say, however, is that if a cyclists is hit and it’s thought that the driver was texting or something related, all you’d have to do is subpoena the wireless company for records and see what time the driver’s phone number sent a text or email.  It’s not rocket science.

The Senate approved the bill 30-18. It now heads to Gov. Beverly Perdue, who is expected to sign it into law. It would go into effect Dec. 1.  If caught, drivers face a $100 fine, but no points would be assessed to their license or insurance.

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