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The Orucase Magnetic Top Tube Bag is a Lil’ Game Changer

Orucase Top Tube Bag hero shotPhoto c. Ron Frazelle
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I’ve had this top tube bag on my Masi Incanto for about 200 miles now and I’ll tell you, I’ve never had a bag this easy to open while riding, not any type of bag… ever. The Orucase Top Tube Bag is a game changer when it comes to accessing your goodies with only one hand while you ride, as it offers true one-step/one-handed access to get what you need from the bag.

Whether it be nutrition bars, a small banana, a plethora o’ lil’ snacks, or your phone, they’ll all be super easy to grab and use thanks to the way the Orucase Top Tube Bag opens and closes. The bag uses a magnetic ‘zipper’ that allows you to just plunge your hand into the bag to pull out what you need. So simple.

I chose the Orucase to replace the top tube bag that I bought for the Incanto when doing my Dream Build last October, and I’ll tell you why.

The Rouge Panda Alamo Top Tube Bag in the “Gordo” size retails for $90, and has some nice features, like a foam-padded bottom that hid the screw heads and protects your phone from unnecessary damage. And it had a waterproof zipper… not really a big deal here in Southern California where I live, but nice regardless.

After I rode a few rides with it, I realized that my phone didn’t fit all that well in the bag in spite of measuring length-wise to make sure it would.

Look, I love taking photos with my phone while out for rides. Other than just being fun to do, it can also be part of my job at times. Regardless, I just like having really easy and quick access to my phone while on the bike. And, not having to stop every time I see a shot, is a big deal to me.

It turns out I didn’t take the downward curve along the top of the bag into consideration when measuring to make sure my phone (Google Pixel 6 Pro) fit before making the purchase. While on the first ride with the Gordo top tube bag, I found myself forcing my phone in and out of the bag, sometimes needing to take both hands off of the handlebars to zip it back up.

Other than that, it was a good lil’ bag.

So, the search for a new top tube bag started, as I wanted something that will fit my phone and still be rather small on the top tube.

Using the Orucase

Orucase Top Tube Bag clean look
Orucase Top Tube bag at the beach.

There was an article on Bikerumor about the Orucase “Design Labs” Mini Frame Pack a while back, which used a combination of conventional zippers and magnetic zippers. I was intrigued and checked out Orucase’s website. I found that their Top Tube bag was the right shape and size to fit my phone, and it doesn’t look too bulky on the top tube. Plus, it had a magnetic zipper for super quick and easy access!

The Orucase Top Tube bag comes with two hook and loop straps and two oval grommets on the bottom (updated for 2023 along with a slightly larger size). These give you the option of either mounting it to your top tube via straps or water bottle bosses. There is a non-slip material along the base and a line-loc paracord strap to go around the steerer to help keep the bag in place.

There is a cable port in the front of the bag as well, allowing for the use of headphones, or charging your lights or computer via a battery bank kept in the bag. The Top Tube bag, like all of Orucase’s products, comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

I received one of their Top Tube bags in black and immediately installed it on the bike. I ditched the included Velcro straps and opted to use the frame’s bottle boss mounts to secure it to the top tube. It was really easy to install, but I noticed it didn’t have a protective cover for the mounting screws…

Orucase Top Tube Bag attachment point
1/4″ oval grommets and the exposed screw heads…

That seemed a little odd to me that the screws are left exposed. My phone, however, has a case on it (doesn’t everyone’s?) and so far, that has kept the phone protected while in the bag, even on the super rough stuff.

Orucase Top Tube Bag Magnetic zipper

Also, the magnetic zipper is super convenient and a really great (my favorite) feature of the Orucase, it looks like it will only keep a little water out of the bag, as it’s not really “sealed”. So, if your top tube bag needs to be 100% waterproof, the Orucase Top Tube bag may not be for you.

One other little thing, and it may just be my OCD acting up, but I found the bag leaning to the left a bit when just carrying my phone. I noticed that the Line-Loc paracord that goes around the steerer sits a little low on the bag. There was another opening for it a little higher on the bag that allowed me to move it up, making the bag a lot less slouchy.

OK, on to it… out on the bike, the Orucase Top Tube bag, so far has been, dare I say, close to perfect. It holds quite a bit, even my Showers Pass windbreaker without issue. Usually, I have a bandana, some nutrition, and my phone, with a little room to spare.

It is the easiest bike bag I’ve ever had to get into while riding. It’s true one-handed access is so convenient, especially when you roll up on a potential photo and need your phone pronto – just reach in grab your phone, snap the shot and slip it back in, remove your hand and it closes itself back up, Bob’s yer Uncle, your back in business.

Orucase Top Tube Tech Specs and Retail

Retail: $50


  • Durable and lightweight Challenge Sailcloth EPX material
  • Magnetic zipper


  • 9″ x 4.5″ x 2″
  • 1-liter capacity


  • 1 main compartment with 1 handed access
  • Cord port for charging lights and computers


  • 2x Velcro straps
  • Adjustable headtube paracord Line-Loc
  • 1/4″ oval grommets for top tube bolts
Orucase Top Tube Bag out in the wild
Orucase Top Tube Bag out on the bike.

In Conclusion

As I had just mentioned, the Orucase Top Tube bag is the easiest bike bag I’ve ever used when it comes to accessing your stuff while riding. It has a well-thought-out design, the magnetic zipper being a highlight of said design. It comes with adjustable mounting options, so it will work with a lot of different frames.

I really like the size of the Orucase Top Tube bag as well, it’s big enough to hold the largest phones, while staying trim in its width, and not too tall on the top tube, helping it to “disappear” while riding, until you need it, of course. Fifty dollars seems like a very fair price for a product that is so well-designed and useful. It seems to be durable and I can see it withstanding many miles of use and abuse.

I would absolutely recommend this top tube bag to anyone in the market for one.

Check out all that Orucase has to offer by hitting the link below.


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9 months ago

Wow, it even works on titanium?

9 months ago
Reply to  Ken

Magnetic closure, not magnetic attachment.

9 months ago
Reply to  Ken

Did you read the article?

9 months ago

As a steel frame rider, am I the only one who thought this magnetically attached to the top tube?

Deputy Dawg
Deputy Dawg
9 months ago

Went to buy one, but only the camo seems available from all sources. Bummer.

9 months ago

Cool, just ordered the camo (black already sold out).

9 months ago

Put a ziplock bag in it for your phone for when it rains, then the lack of waterproofing is less important.

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