Need another spot to hold a couple of water bottles? Paragon Machine Works’ 2h2o bottle cage mount attaches around the steerer tube, under your stem, putting one or two bottles in easy reach.

It’s angle adjustable, so you can position them to slide out behind your handlebar and work around whatever length stem you’ve got on there.

portland design works pdw steerer mount water bottle cage holder

The part comes in black only for $50, with discounts available for bulk purchases. Since it uses the standard two-bolt cage mounting pattern, you can use any bottle cage you like, or attach other accessories that fit. Maximum weight limit per cage mount (i.e. per side) is 2lbs, and it’s designed for “moderate riding conditions”, so probably best if you stick with smaller bottles and don’t take it mountain biking.

PDW thru axle sliding dropouts with post mount disc brake mounts

Long a go-to part for custom bikes and handmade frame builders, the PMW sliding dropout finally gets a fully modernized design specifically for 12mm thru axles.

PDW thru axle sliding dropouts with post mount disc brake mounts


Much sleeker than before, the low profile design allows for all three brake rotor mounts – ISO, Post Mount for 160mm rotors, and now Flat Mount for 140mm rotors. Beyond just aesthetics, the real benefit to this new design is that braking forces are no longer able to put pressure on the sliding direction, so braking

Another improved feature is that the adjuster screws coming in from the back of the dropout now has fully captured hardware. So, even if everything came lose, you won’t lose that screw, and your wheel’s position shouldn’t change. On the drive side, there are options for hanger or no hanger (singlespeed).

The thru axle’s threads are a metric 12×1.5 thread pitch, but it’s wide, so the only skewer that’s going to fit is the one they make for this dropout. But don’t worry, whoever is building your frame is likely buying all of these parts to fit the spec you order. But if you need a replacement, call PMW.

PDW thru axle sliding dropouts with SRAM UDH derailleur hanger

They also have a new fixed-position dropout designed specifically for the SRAM UDH derailleur hanger, which is nice because that’s a great hanger design that makes it much easier to find a replacement, and shops have fewer items to inventory.

sram patent for direct mount rear derailleur that attaches to the thru axle dropout

But, word on the street is SRAM had a bit of an ulterior motive in introducing the UDH. Now that adoption has spread, which, again, is a good thing, it makes it much easier for them to introduce a coaxially direct-mounted rear derailleur. We found their patent for it years ago, but sounds like conversations are starting to get real…


  1. Dylan Sutton on

    That bottle cage mount would be a whole lot more robust if the arm holding the cages were bolted at the front of the headset rather than the back. The arm could be half the length or less, and the angle of the arm more downwards, resulting in much lower torque at the mounting interface when you hit a bump. Less material required too reducing manufacturing cost and weight.
    Not the kind of engineering this armchair engineer would have expected from a company with the lofty reputation of Paragon.

  2. Robert John Armour on

    @Dylan Sutton – you probably just need to rotate the whole thing by 180 degrees, and swivel the arms accordingly. That would probably still justify shorter arms, though


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