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PC15: Cannondale Airs Out New Mountain Bike Helmet For Shaved Heads, Plus Combo Tire/Shock Pumps and more!

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“I’ve been looking forward to [this model year] for a long time because there is just so much good product,” said Cannondale North American PR Manager, Bill Rudell. Here, we’ll focus on some of the compelling helmets and accessories that are flushing out the line. There is something for everyone.

On the off-road side of helmets, we have the new RykerAM Helmet which features special heat-sealed moisture wicking, anti-microbial air cushion pads. Cannondale claims that pads are especially comfortable with the clean-shaven headed riders as they keep soggy foam pads off bare skin, helping skulls stay cool and dry. These pads also aid in protection, boasting a 15% impact redirect in the case of a crash…

Cannondale_Ryker-AM_0001 Cannondale_Ryker-AM_0002

Cannondale has added an aluminum shell to reinforce the helmet in especially hard and fast crashes. The helmet features 20 large flow vents and a removable visor, adjustable to three positions. It will be available in three adjustable sizes to fit heads 51cm to 63cm around.

Cannondale_Cypher_Aero_Helmet_0002 Cannondale_Cypher_Aero_Helmet_0003

The Cypher Aero helmet features a removable snap-on shell which closes off the frontal vents for aero performance while encouraging airflow through side and rear vents to increase inner helmet air circulation. The helmet is contoured with a saw-toothed surface on the underside of the helmet front that also works to pull in air between the helmet and forehead. When not needed, the aero shell can be removed for greater overall ventilation.

Cannondale_Cypher_Aero_Helmet_0001 Cannondale_Cypher_Aero_Helmet_shell_0001

The Cypher Aero also features Cannondale’s Peak Protection technology, utilizing dual density foam to lessen impact around the skull and a harder EPS foam to protect the outer surface. The helmet comes in two sizes  features a three position height adjustment to further tailor the fit.


In the accessories realm, Cannondale has introduced several pumps. One is a compact 2-in-1, high pressure shock and tire pump with a flexible hose (top pump in above image). This pump is claimed to be easy to use, rated to 300psi, and features a bleeder valve for pressure precision.

Cannondale_PC15_Accessories_0008 Cannondale_PC15_Accessories_0009

The other is a compact tire-only pump with flexible hose, CO2 cartridge collet and storage system The tire-only pump stores the CO2 cartridge in the handle of the pump so if you have your pump, you have a cartridge. The head detaches from the hose (above left) and attaches to the CO2 cartridge (above right) via a collet in its base to keep the cartridge surface sealed as you screw it into the head to prevent CO2 loss due to user error. This system seeks to prevent screwing up the quick tire inflation process while giving you a simple, functional mechanical back-up.


Last but not least are minimal nylon side cages, available in left or right handed configurations. Because the cage consists of two separate cage parts, the black base can be a softer material than the colored top part, making bottle insertion tighter and more secure.


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