The recipes of Picky Bars have always been about real food for athletic performance. By balancing those ingredients with what you need for your next ride or run and less of what you don’t, the team at Picky Bars have picked up a lot of fans along the way. But while the look of the bars’ packaging has evolved over the years, the recipes have largely stayed the same.


Moving forward though, all of the nine Picky Bars flavors are getting a significant change to the formula. Instead of using agave syrup to sweeten the bars, the new formula relies on tapioca syrup. Not only is the syrup lower in fructose, but Picky claims that it is more naturally processed and results in an improved texture with less added sugar. With the new recipe, those added sugars are right around 4-7g per bar. The texture change should be less crumbly as well.


Available in single bars for $2.75 or a 10 pack for $27.50, all nine flavors are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and plant-based, with five of the nine also checking off the vegan box. The bars also feature new packaging which is still based off customers’ photos, but now they have been reworked as hand drawn illustrations by graphic artist Kelli Meyer. Available now nationwide, in select international markets, and in specialty outdoor, run, and bike retailers, natural grocery stores,, and Amazon.


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Kyle W Jordan
Kyle W Jordan
3 years ago

No discount for a bigger box? Cost of bars is pretty high already.