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POC Omne Beacon Adds Integrated Light Visibility to Versatile Helmet Family

POC Omne Beacon helmet with integrated LED taillight
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POC’s Omne Beacon with integrated taillight is the latest boosted safety addition to their most versatile Omne road, gravel & commuter bike family. The latest evolution in POC’s ‘whole helmet’ safety concept to “give riders even more security and visibility in dark and low-light conditions, the Omne Beacon integrates a rechargeable LED rear light and additional reflective details“.

POC Omne Beacon helmet with integrated LED taillight

POC Omne Beacon helmet with integrated LED taillight, blinking red light

Adding an integrated rechargeable LED taillight to a helmet isn’t all that new of an idea. But what POC is doing, is continuing to refine rider visibility in subtle ways that make it easier to be safer on the road. You still get all the benefits of the original Omne Air, just with an extra lit Beacon on the back.

And the runtime that little blinking taillight is more than 30 hours on a single charge.

Tech details

POC Omne Beacon helmet with integrated LED taillight, rear blinkie light

The light itself is a set of 4 bright LEDs outputting a max of 32 lumens in the brightest Vivid mode. Dial it back to Steady mode of Blinking mode with 24 lumens of light output and longer runtimes.

Vivid will run around 13hr at that max output. Steady delivers 17hr, while Blinging will go for approximately 32hr of riding in low-light conditions. Then, recharge it via SUB-C in about 4hr back to full capacity.

POC Omne Beacon helmet with integrated LED taillight, side

The semi-aero vented POC Omne Beacon is a standard in-mold EPS helmet with a polycarbonate shell. Add inside of that a MIPS Integra system for light, seamless additional rotational impact protection. Then a 360° dial adjust system lets you dial in a comfortable, secure fit.

POC Omne Beacon helmet with integrated LED taillight, front

The Omne Beacon is certified to EN 1078, CPSC 1203 & AS/NZS 2063 safety standards for global use. Its internal electronics meet CE certifications, and are IP55 rated to resist regular dust and water infiltration.

Other Omne family helmets

The broad Omne family also includes several other unique helmets, like: The bikepacking adventure-ready Omne Ultra with its strap-on attachments. The 20% lighter Omne Lite for hotter weather riding. The solar-powered Omne Eternal with lights you’ll never have to recharge. The on & off-road Omne Air Resistance with a cute little peak. And the OG, original Omne Air.

POC Omne Beacon – Pricing, options  & availability

POC Omne Beacon helmet with integrated LED taillight, MIPS AVIP colors

The new POC Omne Beacon sells for $240 / 240€ and is available in three sizes. Size S (50-56cm) has a claimed weight of 320g; M (54-59cm) at 330g; and L (56-61cm) at 390g – all claimed with integrated electronics. Get them starting this month direct from POC or regular retailers in three hi-viz AVIP color ways. Pick from matte Uranium Black, shiny Hydrogen White, or matte Epidote Green. All with an AVIP Fluorescent Orange back rear, the built-in light, and reflective detailing.


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7 months ago

Great helmet and features. Although these lights are not allowed by traffic laws in the EU, CA/UK for use on public roads.

Miri Momo
Miri Momo
7 months ago
Reply to  B@se

I don’t know how’s it in rest of EU, but in Germany, it’s allowed. It’s forbidden to mount it on the Bike, but ok if you “wear” it on your body/head.

7 months ago
Reply to  Miri Momo

Moin Miri,

the STVZO states a few things, amongst these set of rules there is the ~K number thing, where the lights used on public road have to comply to a robust set set of rules, further more, there is the section on lights in the STVZO which states where should be on a bike (lichttechnischen Einrichtungen) which states that a person riding a bike on public roads must have light on the bike with the appropriate ~K numbers and its is not allowed by law to have lights on your body/clothing or your head. Thats complies for “normal” bikes. For EN15194 or DIN79010 bikes these rules are even more stringhent.

btw, blinking lights are also frobidden on a bike, blinking lights are only allowed for non emergency vehecules for turning signals or when you have a permit for a yellow flashing light on top of the roof/bar on a agricultural vehiculke for example. When working alongside the road.

sorry my job is partially compliance related for bikes/e-bikes/L1e


4 months ago
Reply to  B@se

I am afraid you misread/misinterpreted the STVZO. As you wrote yourself: The person must have appropriate lighting on the bike. Which is correct so far, but the STVZO does not regulate what you wear. The helmet is treated as a part of your clothing therefore is not touched by the this ruling. You are allowed to wear lights on your clothing/helmet – even blinking ones – as long as you don’t endanger other road users by doing so (e.g. a helmet front light, that is set up to high so others can get blinded by it).
So at least for Germany this will not cause any conflicts with the law.
(And if anyone would try to write me a ticket for this, I would happily take this to court, lean back and enjoy the show).

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