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Podcast #079 – Triton Bikes’ Amazing Escape From Russia 

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I think, at some level, we all crave adventure. It’s why the “zombie apocalypse” genre is so popular. What would we do if we had to drop everything and just … escape? Start fresh.

Well, for many folks around the world, it’s not a fantasy. It’s why we have so many people trying to migrate into the USA and most of Europe. They’re trying to escape a desperate if not downright dangerous situation.

And that’s where we pick up in this episode, bringing it close to home with my friend Dmitry Nechaev (pronounced neeh-chive). He’s the founder of Triton Bikes, which, up until very recently, was based in Russia and making gorgeous custom titanium bicycles.

Everything changed for him when Russia invaded Ukraine, and his story about how he and his family got out, and how he eventually relocated the business, his employees, and equipment to Portugal is WILD!

From sneaking parts out to having friends and co-workers ride for days to cross by bicycle at remote border stations, he has some stories to tell. We talk about why he’s living in Israel but relaunching in Portugal, and, toward the end, we talk about how they’re rebuilding the brand getting ready to build its first bikes in its new factory.

Triton cycles van with NAHBS road bike
Dmitry with his road bike and new delivery van.

It’s a long one, but stay tuned at the end for a recap of a few other things we discussed after I stopped recording. Scroll below for some photos from his journey and setting up the new factory.

Triton cycles driving out of russia
Driving out of Russia.
Dmitry's Land Rover
Dmitry’s Land Rover, which a friend drove out of Russia for him, with his bike inside.
Land Rover in front of the Eiffel Tower
Sights along the way from picking up his truck north of Russia, heading to Portugal.
Welcome to Portugal sign
The new Triton HQ and factory in Portugal.
The new Triton HQ and factory in Portugal.
Loading new machines in the new Portugal HQ
Loading in the new machines.
Inside the new factory and HQ in Portugal
The beginnings of a new Triton production line.
Some of Triton's fixtures they were able to get out of Russia
Some of Triton’s fixtures they were able to get out of Russia.
Triton Groont titanium gravel bike, shot before the exodus

A huge thanks to Dmitry for sharing his story with us. And if you’re looking for a new bike, please check out Triton and point some friends its way — it’ll help Triton rebuild the business. Visit its website, Triton-Bikes.com. And Follow Triton on Instagram and Facebook too!

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1 year ago

Para o Bem Tritão!

1 year ago

I usually don’t listen to your podcast, but as a fellow Russian emigrant who had to leave last year too, although in less extreme circumstances, the story really resonated with my experience and made me appreciate the effort the company I work for to move employees outside more. Wish Dmitry, his team and their families good luck settling in the new place. Peace.

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