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Podcast #083 – Parcours on Aerodynamics of Wide Rims, Gravel Tires & More!

interview with parcours wheels founder dov tate

Wider rims are a thing now, but as with all things, there’s a limit to the magic they can work. But for roadies, there’s no denying the benefits, and few brands are pushing the concept as hard (or for as long) as Parcours.

If you’ve ever wondered how tire size and rim profiles affect aerodynamics, this episode is for you! My guest is Dov Tate, founder of Parcours Wheels, a UK brand that’s been pushing the envelope on wider rims optimized around wider tires.

The story of how he got to that point, from putting 360º wind sensors low on the bike to intentionally doing wind tunnel tests without a bike frame attached to the wheels, is really cool.

We dive pretty deep on leading edge, trailing edge, optimizing for gravel tires, and a whole lot more, with stories about how he’s built his company mixed in for the entrepreneurs among us.There’s even talk about some new wheels (like the first-ever full disc wheel with the Classified internally geared hub) and where they might be headed with future product development.

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