It’s been a few years since PowerTap introduced their pedal based power meter system, the P1. That’s why the company is on hand in Kona to introduce something new. While the P2 power meter pedals aren’t a huge departure from the originals, they are substantially improved – if you care about things like weight and battery life (of course you do).

PowerTap pedals through P2 with redesigned power meter pedal system

Thanks to a new pedal body design, the P2 pedals have shaved 34g while retaining the same functionality. That puts a pair just under 400g, at 398g. Better still, the pedals receive a 33% increase in battery life, now making them capable of providing up to 80 hours of ride time.

PowerTap pedals through P2 with redesigned power meter pedal system

The P2s still use a Look Keo compatible cleat interface, and offer dual sided power measurement with left and right specific power and advanced pedal metrics. The P2s will be available soon for $899.99 a set.

Specs (from PowerTap):

  • In the box:
    • One set of PowerTap P2 power pedals
    • Pair of red 6-degree float cleats
    • Pair of AAA lithium batteries


  • Weight: 398 grams per pair of pedals (with batteries)
  • Thread Type: 9/16″
  • Cleat Interface: 3-bolt
  • Cleat: PowerTap Cleats, available in 6-degree or 0-degree float
  • Spring Type: Adjustable Elastomer (*Adjust the spring force tension for optimal retention and safe release. Ensure pedal and claw area are free of dirt, debris and clothing obstructions.)
  • Proven PowerTap Accuracy
  • Release Tension: 6-20 Nm
  • Stack Height: 14mm
  • Center of Pedal: 53mm (measured from crank to pedal)
  • Lean Angle: 25.5 degrees (based on 175mm crank length, 75mm BB drop and 147mm Q-Factor crank)
  • Firmware Updates: Over the Air
  • Connectivity: ANT+ and Bluetooth
  • Battery: AAA Lithium – use only lithium batteries with the P2 pedals. Alkaline batteries could damage the pedals, and damage caused by batteries is not covered under warranty.
  • Battery Life: 80 hours
  • No rider weight limit


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3 years ago

wow, all Ptap and CycleOps are doing for product development is change colors, spend 2 days in SolidWorks and putting an N+1 number at the end of the part title

3 years ago
Reply to  Roger

What function in SolidWorks improves battery life in a complex circuit?

3 years ago
Reply to  Robin

Yes Roger, how would that go?

3 years ago

Are you sure the cleats are Keo compatible?

Mircea Andrei Ghinea
Mircea Andrei Ghinea
3 years ago

about the 14 mm stack height:
– is the stack height of the pedal alone?
– or is the stack height of the entire system, meaning pedal plus cleat?