solXTR-135Based just down the road from PressCamp in Lindon, UT, Fezzari is a small consumer-direct line with a surprising 23-bike range.  Not content to compete purely on price, the Fezzari team’s aim is to distinguish themselves with their customer service, impressive free 23-point customization scheme, and their products’ long-term performance.  Want to learn more about the company and their flagship hardtail?  Hit the jump!


Acknowledging that consumers may be leery of purchasing bicycles direct, Fezzari offer a lifetime warranty on all of their frames and, in their words, “refuse to fail on quality.”  In order to make up for the lack of a face-to-face customer interaction, Fezzari actually interview customers, taking their height, weight, age, gender, and physical measurements into account when setting up bicycles.  This means that bikes arrive virtually complete and tailored to fit their new owner- from stem length to suspension settings.

solXTR-225A full half of Fezzari’s business is said to be from repeat or referral customers- suggesting that the customer experience provided is a positive one.  The range spans from sub-$1000 road bikes to full-blown Di2-compatible TT bikes and carbon fiber 650b trail bikes and our look at the details suggest that the company has done their homework.


The Solitude pictured here is a full-carbon 29er hardtail.  Featuring a range of builds, clean graphics, and internal cable routing it certainly looks the part.  At $2,300 an excellent Shimano SLX build kit, $3,000 for a 22lb full-XT build, and $5,200 for the XX1/Reynolds carbon-wheel’d build, it could make for a killer ride for the racer on a budget.  More info on the whole line at


  1. Quickie on

    @epo pusher
    Your post is like an enigma trapped inside a riddle. I can’t figure out if you are comparing your bike to the one in the photos and some how coming out favoring your bike, or if you are just posting your build on here for no real reason at all. It’s nice you assembled your bike, but the spec speaks to having an identity crisis…shit…my nose is bleeding from thinking too hard about this.

  2. Chancho on

    Fezzari = yawn…. Sorry guys, barely tweaked Chinese molds just don’t do it for me. Nicer version of bikesdirect.

  3. mudrock on

    We need a nicer version of bikesdirect. There are plenty of good chinese molds out there. I prefer Taiwan, tho. Big Brother is running the Chinese government. Cross models next, please.

  4. Alex K on

    Did anyone look at the frame geometry specs? They don’t make any sense, nor would they be a fun bike to ride:
    384mm CS with a 71.5 HA?

  5. Newop on

    I’m assuming by the comments that no one here has ridden one of these bikes. I ran into this post while doing research on a bike to buy and one of the companies was Fezzari. I’m a MTB club member in my area and ride for fun and competitively. I tested bikes from Fezzari, Cannondale, Salsa, Santa Cruz, Giant and trek. The bottom line is that I pulled the trigger and went with the Fezzari Carbon xt build 29er Solitude and I love it. I’ve never been a brand shopper, So I approached this purchase as a would anything else. Pragmatically, comparing specs, testing the bikes geometry on the trail and learning as much as I could about the products. All the bikes I tested had their pros and cons. As for the concern expressed about the bike’s geometry, well, let me say this. You can’t get a true feel for how the numbers add up until you ride a bike and feel the nuances if it’s geometry and experience how the frame responds to it’s environment and your input and on that front I can tell you from personal experience that this bike’s a killer! It handles the rough climbs and tracks with precision and the build quality is second to none. When I’m on this this or any other bike, the last thing I’m interested in is it’s name. I look for the aforementioned qualities and in that regard I got a lot more bike for my money with Fezzari then with any other company I looked at and the icing on the cake is that they upgraded a couple of components on my bike at no additional cost without my asking. My 1st race on this bike will be on 9/15/2013, in Lagrangeville NY. Looking forward to standing on the podium.

  6. grock on

    I second Newop’s comment. If you are knocking this company, and especially this bike, you have not ridden it, nor likely seen it. Their products are excellent quality. I now own the Solitude and Timp Peak. Prior to both, I rode just about everything. I race and I ride hard throughout Colorado, Utah, and surrounding states. You cannot find better bikes for the money.

    If you care more about vanity than the ride, buy a Santa Cruz. If you care about ride quality and getting a lot of bang for your buck, buy a Fezzari.

    Awesome company. Great bikes.


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