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Prestacycle shows world’s smallest, lightest pump, new tire plugger ratchet & more

prestaflator mini co2 chuck and worlds smallest bike pump
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Prestacycle’s new Prestaflator Micro CO2 inflator chuck has a couple tricks up its sleeve. For starters, it threads onto a presta valve stem, so it won’t accidentally blow off and waste precious CO2. And it comes with a thick neoprene sleeve for your cartridge, so it won’t freeze your hands, which is good because you simply twist the cartridge to control the flow rate.

That kit is $17.95, and the chuck weighs just 12g. Not shown, they also have a CO2 Head Adapter that threads into the Co2 chuck and uses a standard I/M air compressor plug, so you can quickly snap it onto your compressor and have a secure, bike-specific connection to help setup tubeless. You can get that in a complete $46 kit with the Prestaflator and…

The Mini Pump, at just 24g, it’s just 4″ long and designed to top off your tire after using the CO2. Because we all know sometimes the CO2 just isn’t quite enough. Or we overcorrect after overinflating. They say it’s designed to pump up to 120psi with no resistance, too, so even if it takes a while, it shouldn’t be hard. It threads directly onto the Prestaflator chuck and retails for $24.95 on its own.

prestacycle prestaratchet multi tool with 2 way ratchet and tire plugger insert

The PrestaRatchet Multi-Tool gets an upgrade. The new handle design incorporates a quick-link chain breaker and valve core remover. To break the quick link open, just position one end of the quick link into the two slots, fold it over itself, then pop it downward.

prestacycle prestaratchet multi tool with 2 way ratchet and tire plugger insert

The more important new addition is the tire plugger tool. For $29.95, you get this complete kit with bit set and wallet, the two-way ratchet, and a tire plugger needle with bacon strips plugs. The needle threads into the lever’s body, giving you a nice “T” handle to push it into the tire with. The handle also doubles as a tire lever.

The tire plugger and strips will be sold separately, too, for $5.95 in case you break it or lose it.

prestacycle tire lever with tire plugger insert

Their tire levers get updated to include the threaded hole, too, so you can use the tire plugger with them as well. $9.95 each, available in three colors for now, with purple coming soon.

Not shown (OK, well just shown above on the side of the new box), their TorqRatchet pro gets updated with larger markings in a new window cutout, and more space between them, making it easier to see when you’ve reached the proper torque spec.


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Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot
2 years ago

Noticing more and more CO2 inflators are using a thread on system. Guessing most of it has to do with being able to use a bog standard o-ring instead of a convex gasket. Personally not a fan, my Silca Eolo has this design. If you don’t go through and really cinch down the valve cores with pliers or a valve core tool they’re very apt to unscrew when removing the inflator since the metal condenses as it gets ice cold then you lose all your air and are up a creek if you don’t have any more cartridges. Had this happen twice in the last month or so once with my own tube and once with a guy I was helping who had a brand new tube. I went through all my spares in the garage and cinched them up.

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