Prevelo makes high quality youth mountain bikes with premium components

Oh what a glorious time to be a kid. You parents give you tablets with video games, PBS Kids and Netflix so not a moment goes by without your little eyeballs being entertained. And when they do force you to go outside and on bike rides with them, you have a lightweight, well-spec’d ride on which to crush the trails. And the options for riding just keep increasing.

The latest is Prevelo, a consumer direct line with three sizes, lightweight frames and top notch spec. Several features set them apart, starting with short, custom cranks, which lets them drop the bottom bracket to lower the center of gravity and make it easier for kids to learn…

Prevelo makes high quality youth mountain bikes with premium components

In addition to the lower stance on the bike, they use a custom bottom bracket that results in a narrow 131mm Q-factor on most models. Cables are run internally, and any protruding bolts are rounded allen bolts rather than sharp-edged nuts. Both of these small touches mean junior is less likely to scratch or scrape themselves on the bike itself.

The Alpha Zero gets them started at $199.

They offer two series, the Alpha and the Zulu. All of them use 6061 alloy frames. Alpha includes five models – a balance bike and 14″, 16″, 20″ and 24″ wheels, all with rigid forks (alloy legs, chromoly steerer). Zulu is the higher end offering, only available in 20″ and 24″, that adds an air suspension fork and Promax hydraulic disc brakes with short reach levers. Both lines put 11-34 1×10 gearing on the 20″ and 24″ models. The Alpha bikes use Shimano Altus/Acera 1×8 drivetrains with V-brakes.

Prevelo makes high quality youth mountain bikes with premium components

The Zulu models upgrade to Shimano Zee rear derailleurs with SLX shifters. They also get more aggressive mountain bike geometry compared to the more urban oriented Alpha lineup. Both Zulu wheel sizes retail for $899, while the Alpha line caps out at $499.


  1. JWD on

    Meh, prices don’t look good enough to make me consider them when there are a number of other options from the shipping established companies.


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