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Project321 Finally Launches New G3 Hubs with Clever 6-Lock Tech for Any Rotor!

Project321 G3 Hub Launch G3 banner hero(Photos/Project321)
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Here we are, just about a year later and the promise of Project321 delivering their new G3 Hubs is finally here. Today, there are new G3 Hubs in stock and ready to roll, so to speak. Project321 is actively seeking to partner with new dealers, distributors as well OEM opportunities.

Project321 G3 Hub Launch new facility
New facility. (Photo/Project321)

The new G3 Hub is Project321’s first product launch after being acquired and relocated to Canada. Although the G3 Hubs are built on the shoulders of the prior G2 hubs, the G2 hub has officially been discontinued and is no longer for sale. Warranties will continue to be honored as well as service and spare parts.

Meet the New G3 Hubs


The G3 Hubs will be using the same 72-tooth drive ring and three-step magnetically actuated pawls as their proven G2 hubs. Adding two additional pawls increases engagement. They added the two pawls instead of miniaturizing the teeth on the drive ring and pawls, which would have compromised reliability.

Project321 G3 Hub Launch drivering cutaway

There is a total of eight pawls that work in teams of two, to give 1.25° or 288 points of engagement. Project321 believes this gives riders the “ideal balance of instant engagement and rock-solid reliability.

Poject321 M-Pulse

Project321 G3 Hub Launch m-pulse pawls

M-Pulse technology features pawls that are magnetically activated and designed to keep drag to a minimum while coasting. Another benefit to the system is there are fewer moving parts, without easy-to-lose springs come maintenance time.


The 6-Lock tech is a new technology by Project321. 6-lock is a clever six-bolt design that features stainless steel bolt threads. It requires no lockring, just the T25 Torx hardware giving the rider true six-bolt rotor retention. The 6-Lock easily converts to a center lock application giving the rider total freedom when choosing rotors.

Project321 G3 Hub Launch clever 6-bolt system

The way it works is with a stainless steel collet that locks into the channel behind the splines on a center lock brake mount. Stainless steel is said to eliminate the risk of stripping and significantly improve bolt retention. A 7075 aluminum flange fits over the collet to support it while locking it onto the canter lock splines.

Project321 G3 Hub Launch rotor cutaway

This system provides a strong brake mount interface for any six-bolt rotors and adds redundancy as it is completely modular.

Axle and Bearing Layout

The new G3 Hub’s internal architecture has been updated as well showcasing an entirely new axle and bearing layout. The new design features two double-row bearings that provide additional support at the axle’s highest stress point. The hope is to make broken axles a thing of the past.

Project321 G3 Hub Launch Hub and bearing cutaway

G3 axles are fully anodized 7075 aluminum that maintains the preload adjustment of the rear hub, allowing for perfect bearing preload. Project321 is so confident in their axle design, that they are offering a 10-year warranty on them.


Project321’s new G3 Hubs have the most robust sealing system yet, which was developed with Stan’s during the development of Stan’s M-Pulse hubs. The system has a low-drag, light-contact rubber seal that is pressed into the hub shell, and an aluminum dust shield pressed on the the drive body.

Project321 G3 Hub Launch seal system

This improved two-piece system keeps the oil in and the contaminants out.

G3 Hub Colors, Sizes, Weights, and Price

Project321 G3 Hub Launch mix and match colors

G3 Hubs will be available in 12 colors. Plus, there is the option of mixing and matching the colors of the endcaps and 6-Lock brake flange to really personalize your steed.

Front: Boost 110×15, 100×15, 100×12
Rear: Super-boost 157×12, Boost 148×12, 142×12

With 6-lock and XD Driver: Front 175g, Rear 312g
Center Lock with XD Driver: Front 155g, Rear 292g

Black: $650 USD / $875 CAD
Color: $675 USD / $910 CAD
Custom mix and match: $700 USD / $945 CAD

Project321 G3 Hub Launch purple with writing

Get your new G3 Hubs at the link below!


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1 month ago

That rotor interface looks brilliant.

1 month ago

Kinda but no. It’ll still have the annoying center lock rock even with 6 bolt rotors. It’s clever, but doesn’t solve any problems.

1 month ago
Reply to  Bumscag

If You use standard 6-bolt adapters on centerlock hubs – You need a lockring. Here, they made it so You mount the rotor with standard torx screws.

I prefer the centerlock interface, but can’t deny that 6-bolt system is better for roadside repairs, since You don’t need a bulky CL tool.

1 month ago

I’ve been very happy with my G2 hubs and these sound like they have nice improvements. Interestingly I didn’t see any mention of the “quiet” vs “loud” opinions. Is this no longer a feature? One reason I like my hubs is that the sound is not obnoxious.

1 month ago

Very cool.

1 month ago

RE sound: if the pawls are actuated using permanent magnets, it does “sound” like there will be noise.

1 month ago
Reply to  Andreas

What do you think makes the sound in a pawl style hub? It’s the clicking of the pawls into place. Whether the force is applied by a magnet or a spring doesn’t matter. The spring force, pawl profile, and lube all have an effect.

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