Prototype Easton Aero Road Bike Wheels Spotted

Andreas Raelert riding prototype Easton aero road bike wheels in Ironman Austria triathlonAndreas Raelert, one of two brothers sponsored by BMC and Easton, will be racing what appear to be new Easton aero road bike wheels in Ironman Austria on Sunday.

Shown here walking his bike from check-in, it’s sporting something that looks unlike any other aero wheel in Easton’s current lineup. And we’re not just talking decals. It’s a bit hard to tell from this photo (click to enlarge), but we also spotted something very similar when we toured their headquarters in April. We had to promise to keep it hush-hush, but that was before wheels appearing in public.

The rim profile is rounder, fitting in with current trends in aero road bike wheels. It’s also held together with 16 spokes on the front, a number not found in the current lineup either. Rumor has it we’ll have more details this Friday!

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Psi Squared
Psi Squared
9 years ago

Wider rims with cross sections that better handle cross winds are great, but hopefully Easton will put just as much effort into improving braking and brake heat management.

9 years ago

I’ve been running Zipp Firecrest and the Easton EC90TT for two seasons now and in low wind conditions the Easton’s are just plain faster, by a big margin. Although, in high wind conditions……