Prototype Formula Selva Coil long travel, single crown fork almost ready to enduro

A new Formula Selva Coil suspension fork is coming, built on the same platform and chassis as the Selva S and R, offering another option for riders needing a fork ranging from 120mm up to 160mm (29er) or 120mm to 180mm (27.5). Those travel ranges, actually, are for the air forks; the coil version will initially come in fixed travel lengths of 160mm (29er) and 170mm (27.5).

2019 formula selva coil spring mountain bike fork internals

The only difference in the Selva Coil from its siblings is the spring type. Shown above are the internals for all three options, from top to bottom are:

  • The damping cartridge, shared by all three versions.
  • Selva R Dual Air piston (with orange NeoPos compressible volume spacer)
  • Selva S Air piston with coil negative spring
  • Selva Coil and piston with stock (blue) spring
  • Soft (green) and firm (black) coil spring options
  • The Selva fork chassis

what are the coil spring options for the new Formula Selva Coil spring mountain bike fork

They’ll have three different coil spring rates available, sold with the standard (blue) version for aftermarket. OEM customers will be able to spec the softer or firmer coils, or you can order them separately.

2019 Formula Selva Coil is a long travel single crown mountain bike suspension fork for park and enduro 2019 Formula Selva Coil is a long travel single crown mountain bike suspension fork for park and enduro

On top will be a preload knob to let you tune its effective spring rate.

Coming late spring or summer, the full details are yet to be finalized and announced. It’ll join the Selva S (air main spring with coil negative) and Selva R (full air).

2019 formula selva coil suspension fork for long travel enduro mountain bikes

The Selva is an open system, built as a 35mm-stanchion, long-travel platform upon which riders can create the fork they need or want. Regardless of the travel or the spring type, all Selva forks use the same damping cartridge in the right leg. Not only does this keep it simple for them and you, but shops only need to stock a single piece to fix any customer’s fork.

“We work around our products when making them better, not just redesign and launch something new that forces everyone to buy a whole new fork,” says Formula’s marketing manager Vittorio Platania. “We want riders using a current Selva to be able to upgrade or swap parts easily.”

formula selva damping cartridge controls

A couple years ago, they introduced the CTS system, which allowed riders to quickly and easily swap part of the compression valving to really tune the damping. While cool, it was also expensive, and a bit of a gamble to just order a different insert and hope it was the right one. So, they’re working on a demo program where you can have them put a different CTS valve in your fork and let you try it. They’re also working on a complete kit with all seven valves and the installation tool for a discount versus buying them individually. Alone, they’ll be about $45-50 each, but the pack will be a lot less. Look for that later this year, too.

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