Race Republic prepping a virtual Everesting Challenge, others to come

Race Republic is a new virtual riding platform that appears aimed at hosting challenges and online events. First up? Everesting, of course.

And unlike regular Everesting attempts, you won’t have to descend. It’s just 100 miles of consistent 6% grade climbing, mimicking the feel of ascending 29,032 feet up the mountain.

race republic virtual everesting challenge elevation profile map graphic

Unless you do the 50 mile version, then it’s a steady 12% grade.

The Race Republic Everest Challenge is the first of many (potentially 6 in 2022) month-long events to come, and starting with this one, word is Floyd Landis and Dave Zabriskie will join riders in attempting to break the Everest record currently set at just under 6 hours and 42 minutes.


Once you register for $200, you have 12 months to complete the challenge (or just ride it as many times as you want to try to beat your times), but only the fast times can win prizes. However, every finished attempt is certified by everesting.cc as an official attempt, and gets you an Everest Climb Finisher T-shirt and medal, regardless of whether you do it all at once, or pause it and come back to finish another day.

Registration is open on their website, and they’re also offering a free month for NICA student athletes to try the High School Everesting Challenge.


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