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Raleigh Stride Cargo e-Bike Coming to the UK with Room to Spare

raleigh stride cargo e-bike
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The new Raleigh Stride cargo e-bike looks something like my dad’s favorite wheelbarrow from back in the day. Durable, light, a little boxy, with a utilitarian colorway — black and yellow. The legacy cargo bike maker couches the Stride as “the new family wagon.”

Raleigh hasn’t issued a release date for the Stride cargo e-bike, but here’s what we do know.

Stride Cargo e-Bike Specs

The Stride cargo e-bike is available in two models — the Stride 2 bike and the Stride 3 trike. The difference between the two lies not only in their wheel count, but their carrying capacity. Raleigh uses a “one size fits all” steel frame build in both styles.

The front cargo box features a bright-yellow, scaffold-like aluminum frame and a black, hardened EEP-foam container. The cargo boxes themselves have massive spatial capacity – Raleigh claims up to 900 liters of storage per Stride 3 (the equivalent of nine large-capacity backpacks). And the bike’s architecture boasts an average load-bearing capacity of 90 kg (80 kg for Stride 2 models, 100 kg for Stride 3s).

Raleigh fits the new Stride cargo e-bike with a Bosch Performance Line motor and a 500WH battery. Riders can expect a 30-40 mile range on a full charge, though that average is variable subject to load, terrain, and degree of pedaling.

Raleigh stride cargo e-bike

The powertrain is more than just pedal-assistive, it’s ready to help riders lug a full 90-kg load uphill on a low-carb day. The Enviolo hub/shifter will aid in jerk-free acceleration.

Full-length mudguards outline the tires and hefty disc brakes churn away the dirt. Integrated LED lights in front and back provide riders with a little security.

Raleigh is slating a comprehensive line of Stride cargo accessories, too. Among them: baby and toddler seats, bench cushions, a bike cover, a container box cover, Maxi-Cosi car seat brackets, and a rainfly.

Stride Business Cargo

The 130-year-old cyclery already offers the Stride in a business-adept design, which it dubs “Business Cargo“. Raleigh complements the b2b class with a clean white and black color palette.

Rather than the wheelbarrow-like open-cargo design of the domestic Stride, the 350-liter Stride 2 and 900-liter 3 Business Cargo editions appear as sophisticated, riding lawnmower doppelgangers. Both sizes come complete with fully enclosed cargo units.

stride cargo business 2 and 3
Stride Business Cargo edition e-bikes; Photo/Raleigh

Availability and Pricing

For now, it looks like Raleigh will limit its first wave of family-geared Stride cargo e-bikes to the UK. Rumor has it the standard Stride 2 bike and Stride 3 trike will command £4,395 MSRP and £4,695 MSRP respectively.

Raleigh’s line of business cargo e-bikes is available now. It lists its 350-liter business e-bike at £4,950 MSRP and its 900-liter business cargo e-trike at £5,950. More information on the business class editions is available here.

The date of release is not currently available, but interested parties can stay in the loop with updates on Raleigh’s new Stride cargo e-bike line by signing up for its newsletter here.

Raleigh positions its new cargo e-bikes as fit for “parcels, cakes, dogs, golf clubs, plants, sprogs — whatever you need to move from A to B, do it with a Raleigh Stride electric cargo bike.” (FYI, a “sprog” is a regionalism for “toddler”, apparently). And with specs like the Stride’s, who’s to doubt it?

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