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The R&E Bicycles 6-Pack Micro Bike Fits into a 20″ x 20″ Suitcase

R&E Bicycles 6-Pack heroPhoto c. R.Frazelle R&E Bicycles 6-pack
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Being what some may call an “industry veteran” and being obsessed with bicycles since I was 5 years old, doesn’t mean that I don’t learn something new every, single day. Take, for instance, one of the exhibitors at the MADE Bike Show, R&E Bicycles.

I was admiring the R&E Bicycles 6-Pack micro bike that their Master Mechanic, Alder Threlkeld was talking to me about. Then, assuming because I’d never heard of them that they were a new-ish bike company, I asked “How long has R&E been around”… Alder proudly responded, “Since 1973”.

“Wow”, I responded. I felt schooled… and ya know, it happens way more than I care to admit. But, as I mentioned, I learn something new every single day.

Anywho, 50 years is a long time for an independent bike company to be around. They must be doing something right and must have a niche market’s attention. They are doing something right, and they do have a niche market’s trust.

Quick R&E Bicycle History

Rodriguez Bicycles was established in 1973 by Angel Rodriguez and Glenn Erickson. Angel and Glenn started building bicycles and tandems using their own names and quickly became a well-respected shop in the Seattle area.

In 1990, Angel sold the company to an entity that wasn’t from the bike industry and eventually drove R&E Bicycles to bankruptcy by 1993. In ’93, Angel had actually financed the deal with the new owners and was able to buy back R&E Bicycles with the help of Dan Towle. Dan and a small team worked hard from then until 1999 rebuilding the company.

By the end of the 90s, R&E Bicycles had a full line of US-made production bicycles to add to their extensive custom line-up…just in time for the dot-com explosion.

Over the last few decades, with hard work and perseverance through some dark times, Dan and the team at R&E Bicycle Company remain a Seattle cycling institution.

The R&E 6-Pack Micro Bike

R&E Bicycles 6-Pack hero
Photo c. R.Frazelle

The 6-Pack Micro is hailed (by R&E Bicycles) as the smallest packable touring bike available.

R&E says that the packing ability, ease of breakdown, and re-assembly were all crucial to the design of this bicycle. This is not a folding bike, but is a bike that, by the use of S&S couplings, allows for the bike to be fully dismantled and packed into very small spaces… like a suitcase that is only 20″ x 20″ in size.

The 6-Pack is custom-built to your size. It is built with a front triangle and a rear triangle, like a full-sized touring bicycle. Therefore, it’s said to ride just as solid as any full-sized touring bicycle.

R&E Bicycles 6-Pack broken down
6-Pack dismantled
R&E Bicycles 6-Pack fits into suitcases
In a suitcase

The 6-Pack’s ability to break down and pack up was important, but so was the ride characteristic. It needed to perform well enough for it to be the customer’s everyday bike.

How to get your Own R&E Bicycles 6-Pack

The R&E Bicycle’s 6-Pack is a micro-travel bike that is said to ride and perform as well as a traditionally sized bicycle. It is a completely custom-made bicycle, with geometry built just for you.

The Rodriguez 6-Pack™ comes in just one size: Your Size. The 6-Pack™ are custom-sized and built to order for each rider. We can design the fit around your favorite touring bike, or start from scratch with our NEXT-fit™ system to ensure comfort. All of the component packages (listed below) include our famous handbuilt wheels with a 3-year warranty.”

To start the order process go here.

6-Pack Retail

The 6-Pack’s base retail price: $10,000

Check out the rest of the offers that are available from R&E Bicycles by hitting the link below.


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7 months ago

I want to know about those brakes!

7 months ago
Reply to  Dockboy

I learned about those brakes on their website! Pretty cool stuff

Ashok Captain
Ashok Captain
7 months ago

Slam that stem (K I D D I N G)!
Cool (and expensive) concept, but one pays for custom. Sensible choice of brakes for a non-warp speed machine. Glad to see some custom (‘metal’) builders staying afloat in the dark age of carbon. Cheers.

7 months ago

A beautiful and no doubt well designed bike, but at seven grand, I could have a half decent touring bike bought and delivered to my next five vacations and just leave it behind when I go home.

I would love to own this bike but if I had enough money to buy it I wouldn’t need it.

Bike Rider
Bike Rider
7 months ago
Reply to  Dave

$7k? Are they having a sale?

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