Forget the Hummer EV, Recon Power Bike + GMC team up for AWD Fat eBike!

If you’ve been saying to yourself, “I wish more ebikes gave gigantic SUV vibes,” well, today is your day.

Recon Power Bike’s latest offering is an all-wheel drive, 95-pound(!) ebike. The behemoth gives users access to three riding modes: rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive. It comes standard with a 48-volt 17.5 Ah LG battery, upgradable to 21 Ah. Top speed is between 20 – 30 miles per hour, depending on mode & conditions.

Five pedal-assist levels and a removable thrumb-throttle provide control, while standard 26 x 4-inch fat bike tires give traction across a range of conditions. There’s no mention of whether those tires and rims are tubeless compatible though, which is one of the best ways to increase traction on a fat bike. If they’re not compatible, it’s an expensive upgrade in the future. Recon does throw in a heavy-duty rack, metal fenders, and a front light with purchase, at least.

The bike is a collaboration between Recon Power Bikes and GMC. The venerable auto maker launched the electric version of its iconic Hummer brand in 2021. Considering the actual Hummer EV is over 9,000lbs, maybe it’s not surprising that this bike is nearly 100lbs?

“With design cues and inspiration taken directly from the GMC HUMMER EV Supertruck, this Ebike further expands customer’s ability to explore different off-road trails — whether in the vehicle or out on the bike,” said Rich Latek, marketing director for GMC.


Photos c. GMC

The specs

Here are the full specs, straight from Recon.

  • weight: 95 pounds
  • frame: AL 6061
  • motor: twin 750s with 3 drive modes
  • battery: 48V/17.5 Ah LG lithium-ion
  • drivetrain: Shimano 8-speed
  • wheel: 26-inch
  • tires: 4-inch Kenda puncture-resistant lining
  • charger: AC 100-240 V
  • front fork: front suspension
  • brakes: 4-piston hydraulic disc
  • LCD display: color with mode indicators
  • speed: up to 20 to 30 mph (varies based on weight, terrain, and use of pedal assist)
  • range: up to 25 to 40 miles (varies based on weight, terrain, and use of pedal assist)

Our take just glancing over the specs — the GMC HUMMER EV AWD Ebike’s biggest issue is going to be range. It’s those energy-guzzling twin 750s combined with the 48-volt, 17.5 Ah battery, plus the ebike’s overall weight. Recon claims 40 to 50 miles of range in rear-wheel drive mode. Switch to AWD mode and crank up the boost, and it will drain the batteries in a hurry.

If we were purchasing the GMC HUMMER EV AWD Ebike, we’d be tempted to shell out for the upgraded 21 Ah battery to extend our off-road range. Still, at 1008Wh, the upgraded battery isn’t that much bigger than the batteries we’re starting to see in high-end eMTBs like the Canyon Spectral :ON with a 900Wh battery option – and that only has one motor to power, and weighs almost half as much as this thing.


Like it or not, the world of AWD electric fat bikes continues to expand. Christini’s Abominable AWD FAT-E 2XL Ultra Mid Drive is another option on the market. That bike utilizes a mid-drive motor and weighs 68 pounds compared to Recon’s — we just have to say it again here — 95-pound offering.

The “GMC HUMMER EV AWD Super Ebike” calls out 5 levels of pedal assist with a removable thumb throttle – but no mention of whether or not it has a torque sensor that would help deliver that power more smoothly. It also mentions three AWD modes that are available on demand, though again, it’s not clear how the power in those three modes is delivered at the front wheel.

The GMC HUMMER EV AWD Ebike starts out at $3,999 MSRP, seemingly in one size with a Shimano 8 speed drivetrain which is typically found on less expensive bikes. Here, it seems like you’re paying mostly for the additional drive to the front wheel, and the Hummer name. The bikes ships for free (which is admirable considering the weight), and are available in December at GMC dealerships and direct to consumers via Recon. Reservations are available now with a $500 deposit.

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1 month ago

Wow they really nailed the whole Hummer vibe: overweight, too large, too heavy, not a good fit for most people, and cheap parts anywhere they could, and all at an inflated, but not unachievable, price.

1 month ago

Not even going to try to hide my interest in this thing as not a bike…. Two wheel drive fat bike with a throttle? its legit basically a snow moto bike. Is it a bike id trail ride, no absolutely not. Does it sound like a blast to ride? Heck yea. Imagine two wheel drifting through an untouched snowy field. I’d try one for sure.

josh 2
josh 2
1 month ago

I’m genuinely curious. Why do manufacturers of “bikes” like these bother speccing a derailleur & shifter, or cranks for that matter? It’s always the cheapest junk available.

Nobody’s going to be pedaling a monstrosity like this, so why not just thread in some foot pegs? It’d be cheaper and more reliable.

I don’t get it.

1 month ago

What bike rack could possibly transport this 95lb behemoth?

1 month ago
Reply to  nooner

You need a Hummer to get it around.

1 month ago

i love how they blatantly say it can go 30mph, which is against the law for Class 1 ebikes, they are fully telling you to download software or turnoff the governor to allow it to go 30mph instead of th elegal 20mph, But hey its Hummer the most gluttonous motor brand ever!

1 month ago

I can’t figure out the drivetrain here.

They’re showing:

  • Front Hub Motor
  • Rear Hub Motor
  • Mid-Drive unit

What does the mid-drive do?

Zach Overholt
Zach Overholt(@zachoverholt)
1 month ago
Reply to  TooWheels

There’s nothing in the spec that calls out a mid-drive, so it’s entirely possible that mid-drive shell is completely empty. Could be that they have plans to offer it in a mid-drive in the future, or simply found a frame from a catalog that was mid-drive capable even though they were using hub motors.

29 days ago