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Reflective Fibers Make Cool Safety Accessories

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Found on Craft: a design company called LostValues based in the Scottish Highlands is doing design work with reflective yarn (and solar powered lights!). They’ve got some cool products like knitted hats, lace topped socks (for the ladies), scarves and bags that use highly reflective yarn –great for use when cycling at night. See below for a sampling of the reflective stuff…


Doing a quick search on google, I could only find this supplier of some reflective tape (like dental floss) but you could add it along with another yarn and knit or crochet up a cool scarf or hat of your own. (I’m certain reflective yarn will be available soon, they already have glow-in-the-dark yarn at some craft stores…)

Click ‘more’ for some ideas of things to knit up with some reflective yarn…for fun and safety!


A reflective U-lock cozy to protect your paint…


A reflective top-tube cozy (top tube and u-lock cozy pictures from Busbozo),

A handlebar bag from our previous post,

Or, a Lucha Libre inspired balaclava. You could make the face the reflective part (that might scare some motorists at night!)


(“Lucha Libre balaclava” photo by sarahemcc. Knitting pattern from the book “Son of Stitch N’ Bitch“.)

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