Introduced earlier this year, the latest Boyd Cycling wheels offer lightweight yet sturdy new carbon and alloy wheelsets for XC mountain biking and gravel racers. The CCC alloy wheels get a unique new take on the hook bead, coming in somewhere between road and hookless mountain bike rims to create a shape optimized for mid-sized tires.

Their Trailblazer carbon fiber mountain bike/gravel wheels get a lightweight rim laced to their also-light Quest hubs. And both wheelsets use bladed Sapim spokes for a touch of aero. Check the links for photos and complete tech specs on either wheelset. Here’s founder Boyd Johnson explaining them all…

What’s this Remote Otter thing?

Regular Sea Otter has been postponed until fall, but we know many brands still have new stuff to show off. So we asked them to make videos of their new stuff and send them in, and we’re sharing them with you so you can see the people behind the products and brands we all ride and use! Enjoy!!!

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