Lamenting that less-than-sturdy integrated mount for your new Trek Madone? Or stuck strapping an eyesore of a mount to your sleek one-piece handlebar-stem combo? K-Edge has two new mounts to solve your first world GPS cycling computer problems, plus a sweet new top-tube mount for gravel, bikepacking and enduro bikes. Here’s their Remote Otter video submission showing it all off:

If you’ve ever actually been to Sea Otter (or any cycling event with an expo), there’s a real gem waiting for you at the end of the video! Nice work Tim!

K-EDGE Trek Madone integrated stem mount

integrated cycling computer mount for trek madone handlebars and stems

By popular demand from Trek Madone riders, this mounts through the window in the stem’s faceplate and was tested by the Trek Segfredo team in the early cobbled classics this year. The K-EDGE model is CNC machined from aluminum so it won’t flex when pressing the computer’s buttons, or bounce under a heavy load or impact. so when you’re pushing on your EDGE 1030 or Wahoo ROAM it is not bouncing like a diving board.

It has +/- 7 degrees of adjustment to dial in your computer’s screen position based on your stem’s rise/drop. Also available in Combo options, it has a GoPro-style interface underneath for camera or light mounting. Retail is $49.99 USD, or $64.99 for the Combo unit. Available May 2020. If you’re running a Niterider light, they make a two-prong mounting foot for cleaner, theft-resistant installs.

K-EDGE Integrated Handlebar System Combo Mount

k-edge gps cycling computer mount for integrated one-piece handlebar and stem combo

For those of you who run a one piece bar/stem, the new K-Edge IHS (Integrated Handlebar Stem) mount adds strength and adjustability to your options. And it’s available in a combo unit, too:

k-edge gps cycling computer mount for integrated one-piece handlebar and stem combo with gopro and light mount underneath

The accessory mount is placed farther back, behind the pivot, so it’ll remain rock solid regardless of how big or heavy your light or action camera is. That means reduced shakiness for smoother video, and a sleeker appearance.

Works with all in-line mounting hole Integrated bars, and ships with all hardware for standard 5mm mounting bolts. Canyon 4mm bolt kit sold separately. Combo unit is $64.99 USD retail, standard version is $49.99. Available now.

K-EDGE Top Tube Mount

k-edge top tube gps cycling computer mount for bento box bolt mounting
If you need to get your computer farther back, either to protect it or make room for handlebar bags and other stuff, their new Top Tube Mount could be a solution. K-Edge makes a stem-mounted option, too, but with short, fat stems popular on enduro bikes these days, it sometimes won’t work.

And for bikepacking where you have a handlebar roll bag directly attached, this provides another spot for the computer. Garmin and Wahoo options available (and others), retail is $39.99 USD.

K-Edge Race Chain Guide

K-edge race guide adjustable chainring guide for 1x road bikes gravel bikes and cyclocross bikes

Single Ring may be the future…but apparently dropped chains still happen, and in the spring of 2019 K-Edge’s sponsored pros asked for a solution. After testing in the Tour de France and Cyclocross World Cup (with Trek Segfredo and Telnet Fidea) to stand up to World Tour sprinters’ deforming the frame and chainrings, it’s ready.

K-edge race guide adjustable chainring guide for 1x road bikes gravel bikes and cyclocross bikes

Specs and features include:

  • Designed for Road, Gravel and Cyclocross chain ring sizes…between 54T and 36T for most frames.
  • Braze On Mounted, all hardware included.
  • Full range of adjustment (inboard, outboard, yaw, etc.).
  • Lifetime Guarantee.

The new K-Edge Race Chain Guide starts shipping in May 2020 for $99.99 USD.

What’s this Remote Otter thing?

Regular Sea Otter has been postponed until fall, but we know many brands still have new stuff to show off. So we asked them to make videos of their new stuff and send them in, and we’re sharing them with you so you can see the people behind the products and brands we all ride and use! Enjoy!!!

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