Republic Offering Build-Your-Own Dutch Bicycles for $399


Republic, the brand that brought you the fixed/freewheel bike via Urban Outfitters, is now offering a build-your-own Dutch city bike called Plato for just $399.

You can customize the bike by choosing your own paint color and the colors of every accessory to mix and match to your little heart’s content, then order it up and it’ll arrive ready to be assembled.  Options include frame paint color and colors for the saddle, grips, chaincase, tires and rear wheel skirt.  Fully assembled, it weighs in about 40lbs, which, given that it’s Hi-Ten steel for the frame and fork (what do you expect for $399?), isn’t too shabby for such a big, fully loaded bike.  It uses a rear coaster brake and Shimano front hub roller brake to stop, and is only available as a singlespeed.

The Plato comes only in once size, a 47cm, but the seatpost is highly adjustable and fits riders from 5’2″ through 5’11”.  It’s fashioned after traditional Dutch bikes and provides an upright and relaxed riding position, and the standard front and rear racks make it a very functional light-duty utility bike.

More pics after the jump…


The chaincase and skirts are PVC, and the cranks, handlebar and seatpost are alloy.


Republic bikes are built on a first-come, first serve basis, but as of this writing, their lead time is only about a week before it ships.

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Eric in Seattle
Eric in Seattle
12 years ago

“it’ll arrive ready to be assembled”–Perhaps this should read, it will arrive in pieces. Or perhaps, “it will arrive in unassembled and your LBS will charge you $100 to make a bike out of it”. Or perhaps ” you can get your friend to put it together–then you can take it to the shop and pay them $150 to make it work right”.

12 years ago

Nice looking bike.
If you can’t assemble this bike, you probably can’t ride it either.

12 years ago

I decided to get one, and love it. it rides well and wasn’t difficult for me (some one who has never worked on a bike) to assemble. There are directions. All that was required was to put on the front rack, fender and wheel. Put on the peddles, seat and handlebars and attache the brake cable. If you can follow a cooking recipie you can put this bike together. It’s a great bike for the price range and a great ride!