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Revel Wheels RW30 V2 Re-Work FusionFiber for Stronger USA-Made Carbon Rims

revelwheels rw30 fusionfiber rim v2 decals
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Revel Wheels has updated its offering of FusionFiber carbon rims with the RW30 V2 wheelset, said to be stronger than the original RW30 that debuted back in 2020. The internal width grows to 30mm (from 29mm) and the bead wall thickness increases to give a 38mm external width, said to deliver a 23% increase in impact resistance. Reportedly, it does that without compromising the well-damped, predictable ride feel that the RW30 is known for.

Revel Wheels RW30 V2 Trail and Enduro Wheels

At a claimed 485 grams, the RW30 V2 is rather impressively just 5 grams heavier than the V1 rim, despite its wider internal and external width. The bead wall is now 4mm thick, contributing to that improved impact resistance. The 23% improvement quoted earlier pertains to testing via the “single hook onset impact” test, said to best replicates on-trail impacts.

On all other counts, the RW30 wheelset is equal to its predecessor. The rim sees 28 holes drilled at an angle with symmetrical positioning, reinforced with more material around the spoke holes and less in between them.

Production of the FusionFiber carbon rims remains the same, utilizing long-chain Nylon polymers alongside unidirectional, long-fiber German and Japanese carbon, to produce a rim that does not require use of toxic epoxy-based resins. Because of this, a FusionFiber rim is recyclable at the end of its life; it can be used to make $15 tire levers, for example.

revelwheels rw30 v2 wheelset fusionfiber rims made in usa

RW30 V2 Wheelset Specs

  • Rim: 29″ RW30 V2
  • Tire Width: 2.3″- 2.6″
  • Internal Rim Width: 30mm
  • External Rim Width: 38mm
  • Hubset: Industry Nine Hydra (6-bolt) – 12×148 and 15×110
  • Spokes: Sapim D-Light Spokes
  • Sapim MG Nipple Washers
  • DS Spoke Length: 294mm
  • NDS Spoke Length: 292mm
  • Claimed Weight: 1,850 grams
  • Price: $2,499 USD (taped with tubeless valves)

FusionFiber’s method of manufacture requires a significantly reduced curing time versus carbon rim manufacture that relies upon epoxy, and the product requires a lot less post-processing. Each RW30 rim comes out of the mold with its final finish. The only processing thereafter is in relation to the application of decals.

The FusionFiber Technology was developed by a US brand called CSS Composites. Notably, a very similar, if not identical process is also utilized by Forge+Bond, that is incidentally owned by CSS. To learn more about how Revel do things, we direct you toward this video where Adam Miller (Founder of Revel Bikes) interviews Joe Stanish of CSS Composites.

Unsurprisingly, the RW30 V2 wheelset does come in a little pricier than the comparable Forge+Bond offering at $2,499 USD, versus the $2,199 USD asking price for the F+B 30 AM. The two wheelsets aren’t entirely equivalent of course; the RW30 Wheels run Sapim D-Light spokes with Double Square brass nipples, while the F+B 30 AM wheels get Sapim CX Ray spokes.

We don’t have all the necessary info to hand in order to be able to directly compare complete wheelset weights, but the rim on the front wheel of the F+B 30 AM (with equivalent internal and external widths) is 5 grams lighter than the RW30 V2.

revelwheels rw30 rim only

Finally, while you still can’t buy a F+B rim on its own, you can pick up an RW30 V2 rim for $799 USD in 29″ only.

Rims and wheelsets are sold with Revel’s lifetime warranty, and there’s a Crash Replacement policy, too. If you break the rim while riding it, Revel will replace it free of charge. If you break it in a crash scenario, or if you drive your car over the wheel, Revel will replace it at a greatly discounted price.


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Mr Pink
Mr Pink
10 months ago

It is the same process used. CSS only has one process.

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