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Review: 60Beats RX Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone and Android

60beat Receiver
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60beat HR Monitor Receiver for iPhone and Android The 60beat system is a nifty little device that plugs into one’s smart phone allowing an athlete to use their iPhone or Android phone as a HR (Heart Rate) monitor. First you’ll need to download one of 20 iPhone and two Android apps that capture or display HR data, turn on the 60beat receiver, put on your HR strap and get to work. I used an iPhone 4 and the HR monitor strap that accompanies the 60beat, but you can use  any compatible HR monitor strap if you prefer.

I had a few questions when setting up the apps I chose to use, so I sent a message to customer service and received very timely replies. One question I had was if  any of the available Apps  allow for HR data storage? They replied that Runtastic and Logyourrun both have websites that allow for storage and are the most popular but other Apps do allow for storage. These two Apps are similar to the Strava App where you have to log in to their website and customize each ride. The App I downloaded, “Heart Rate”, does not allow for storage which was a bummer but quickly remedied by downloading Logyourrun.

Another feature that was a nice addition is the “pass through” feature in that the 60beat is designed so that even though the transceiver is plugged into the headphone jack, the 60beat itself has a  headphone jack  so you can listen to tunes.

I asked if the 60beats would function with a strap that is specified as “own code” and customer service responded: “Owncode is a little confusing. Most of the products are 5Khz type. You would have to look at it, if it says WIND (2.4Ghz), then it does not work.” The 60beat is not compatible with digital transmission chest straps such as the Garmin, Timex, Adidas or other Ant + chest straps.

One issue I had when using the 60beat transceiver is that I found that my phone did not function well to receive or make calls. Easy fix; unplug the 60beat and do as you wish. Let’s be honest, if you have to answer a call when riding you probably shouldn’t be on the ride in the first place.

General consensus: It’s a cool tool especially if you’re addicted to your Smart Phone! Practical application: Well, I have to say that I personally prefer a watch and chest strap that accompanies it. However, with the 60beats one can utilize the ‘one-stop approach’ to training data collection which can ease any athletes fear of having too many gadgets to keep track of.

MSRP: $39.99

Power Source: CR2032 battery with 3 year battery life based on standard usage

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