The Giro Cinder MIPS is a mid-level road bike helmet with top end looks and features. Compared to the top-level Giro Synthe MIPS, the Cinder MIPS comes in $120-$140 less expensive, yet shares the sleek aerodynamic lines and Thermoformed SL internal roll cage reinforcements. Beyond looking great, it keeps Giro’s traditional fit even with the addition of MIPS, making it as comfortable to wear on cold days with a cap or beanie as on hot days with nothing underneath.


giro cinder mips aero road bike helmet review giro cinder mips aero road bike helmet review

The Giro Cinder Mips uses their Roc Loc 5 retention mech, which adjusts the tightness and the height of the cradle. It’s also ponytail friendly.

giro cinder mips aero road bike helmet review

The cradles are oversized, too, which means no pressure points. They spread wide enough to fit a cycling cap or beanie, too. I tested a size medium, which is what I’ve worn in Giro for years and years, so the addition of MIPS hasn’t taken up too much room inside.

giro cinder mips aero road bike helmet review

Padding is minimal, but effective. Worth noting is the adjustable meeting point of the straps under your ears. There are more and more helmets coming with that being a fixed, non-adjustable point, most of which are just fine, but it’s nice being able to dial it in exactly how you want.

giro cinder mips aero road bike helmet review

Air flow comes through 26 vents with internal channeling.

Giro Cinder MIPS helmet actual weight

Claimed weight is 308g for the medium, actual weight is 312g on our scale. Retail is $150, and it’s available in nine colors.


giro cinder mips aero road bike helmet review

There’s a lot to like about the Giro Cinder. Personally, I think it looks killer from every angle – thoroughly modern, and aero-looking with sharp lines. Giro doesn’t make any specific aero claims about this helmet, but it seems rather streamlined when riding, without creating undue wind noise regardless of head angle.

On hot days, it vents well and allows ample air flow. On days cold enough to snow, a good base layer beanie was enough to prevent all that air flow from freezing my noggin. I’ve worn plenty of helmets that fit great one way or the other, but to be able to fit comfortably either with or without another lay underneath (and cram MIPS in there, too) is noteworthy.

giro cinder mips aero road bike helmet review

The deep cradle placement keeps the helmet securely positioned without having to over tighten it, so it remained comfortable on really long days. It also stays stable over bumpy roads, gravel and trails. One thing that surprised me is the weight. More specifically, my lack of noticing the weight. Usually, I really prefer helmets around the 250g weight, anything heavier tends to become noticeable after a couple hours on the bike. That sounds like a small thing, but heads are heavy, and necks are easily strained. For whatever reason, the Cinder’s 300+g weight didn’t ever seem to be too much.

Altogether, the Giro Cinder MIPS kinda begs the question, why spend more? It has top shelf features, a MIPS anti-rotational safety layer, is very comfortable, and looks fast.

Available through your local shops, or find it on Performance Bike and JensonUSA.


  1. Ck on

    Can it hold sunglasses at all like the Synthe? My Synthe is due for replacement this year and i’m not sure I can find the same deal I did back then. I’ve never had a helmet hold my sunglasses better than the Synthe and it’s a feature i’ve come to sorta obsess over as I browse helmets.

    • badbikemechanicx on

      I have the synth and appears that it has the same tabs on two vents up from the botttom. I love this helmet design. It might not be the most aero, but it looks cool and it’s super comfortable.

  2. John on

    There is one color in the new Synthe line called “Matte Black Flash” that is reflective at night. I’d like to see that technology show up in at least one color in the Cinder line.

  3. Ettore on

    I’ve been rocking the Cinder helmet for half a year now, since it was launched basically. Lovely helmet. fit is great and it’s not too heavy. It doesn’t hold my sunglasses very well though. So that may be a down side.


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