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Review: The Sufferfest – Fight Club Trainer Workout Video

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Oh the weather outside is frightful,
and you’re looking at your trainer feeling spiteful,
but since you’ve no place to go,
watch The Sufferfest so your workout doesn’t blow.

The Sufferfest’s Fight Club is their second training video (we also reviewed The Downward Spiral, their first vid) and, like the first, it makes indoor trainer workouts almost fun.  The video is largely from races, in this case time trialing with the pros, among other things, and the music is great.  Pretty much all the kudos we heaped upon them in the first review apply to Fight Club, too.

That said, we thought Downward Spiral was a little better, but since you need variety in your workouts, that’s like saying the Ferrari Maranello is nice, but it’s no 458 Italia.  Both certainly get the job done, both are awesome, but one’s clearly a little better.  However, since we’re talking about something that costs less than $10 each, you can splurge on both and still spend less than what some other (lesser) trainer videos cost.

Read the full review after the break…

TYLER’S REVIEW: This is one mean workout.  Without giving away too much, it’s attack after attack placed within long, steady intervals.   Cadence should be fairly high, and by the end you’re time trialing with Fabian Cancellara and if you can match his 120+ cadence after the beat down this video provides, you’re a better man than me.

What’s great about this video is that it’s a solid workout that passes an hour by fairly quickly while pushing you harder than you’re likely to do on your own.  Heck, it pushes you harder than if you had three or four friends in the room egging you on.  By the end, I was spent.

EVAN’S REVIEW: After doing the first video, I was almost timid about attempting the second. I started having flashbacks of the pack trying to pull away leaving me but only one choice, to attack. I remember the punishment it dealt, the tears. But then, I also recall the feeling of accomplishment and that THIS is what FAST is all about, mu ha ha ha.

Like the first video, this one starts out with a warm up, some good jams, and some pre-crush taunting, all healthy fun. The way that the training segments are set up in this session is pretty clever. It has you ride as if you were in a time-trial with sprints intermittently thrown in and then directly following the time-trial you go into a high resistance climb……also with break-a-ways and yes MORE SPRINTS! It is an hour of demanding effort mayhem and finishing with a time-trial led by Fabian Cancellara that will have you saying %&*@. But wait, you won’t be able to because you won’t be able to conjure the breath to do so.

I enjoyed this video a lot, it hurt so much that it made me laugh at the end. That’s when you know it’s good. Again, the footage was creative and motivating and again, the workout and music was top notch. I applaud this video like the last, well done.


This one’s really good, too.  The music selections and footage are good, if only slightly less so than Downward Spiral. We look forward to doing this one regularly, if only slightly less so than Downward Spiral.  Even so, for a mere $9.49 US / €6.49 ( club/class licensed versions for slightly more) it’s hard to go wrong.  And it’s downloaded, so there’s no disc, packaging or shipping…or wait time, for that matter…so you can “enjoy” it instantly.  Five “I’m going to be sooo fast this Spring” Thumbs Up!


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