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Review: Tioga Glide G3 mountain bike tires make drifting fun again!

Tioga Glide G3 mountain bike tire review
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The new Tioga Glide G3 tires are aimed at the aggressive all-mountain to enduro rider, designed to offer the elusive combination of extremely fast rolling with aggressive traction and control during braking and cornering. Thanks to extensive shaping, they’re also able to pull off that combo in corners, helping you keep your momentum without losing grip. It all comes through a combination of knob shaping, knob placement, and a dual rubber compound.

Tioga Glide G3 mountain bike tire review

They’re available in two versions, the Glide G3 and Glide G3TT, the latter getting additional siping and edging on the tread blocks. Available now in 27.5 only, choose from 2.35 and 2.6 widths for the G3, and 2.35 for the G3TT. They’ll have 29er sizes available soon.

Tioga Glide G3 mountain bike tire review

We had local shredder and big mountain rider Merritt White test both widths and tread types for us. He also helps test products for several bike component brands (no competing tire companies, no conflict of interest) and will be doing more testing for us in the future. Here’s his thoughts:

Tioga Glide G3 Install & Actual Weights

The 2.35 were a bit tough to install by hand, even sitting the bead all the way down in the center channel of my Atomik AM carbon rims. While annoying, this tells me that they should have a better, tighter fit on rim on seated. Once mounted, the 2.35 the tire inflated easily. Real good seal and you can always tell if I tire is tight if the last bead setting pops real loud and scares you a little!

Tioga Glide G3 mountain bike tire review and actual widths

Size wise, the 2.35 was a bit skinny on an Atomik 27.5 hookless rims with a 33 outside width and a 26mm inner width. I got 2.2265” so they were a bit skinnier than labeled, but Tioga does recommend mounting them on a wider rim. The 2.6 measured closer to claimed width on the wider (36mm internal) Atomik Chubby+ rim, so I suspect the discrepancy is based on the rims used. The wider 2.6 mounted a bit easier, and it seated and inflated just as well.

First impressions based on looks are that these have a really good tread design with gravity in mind – A center channel and the two channels on the sides for cornering. Similar to the Maxxis DHF but with better ramps for braking and sliding out. I should point out that Tioga didn’t design these for skidding and drifting, but that’s my riding style.

Editor’s Note: Tioga used an extremely wide base for the knobs, with a softer rubber compound on the surface and center. They say this keeps the treads from squirming and folding under hard cornering, but still able to conform to the ground to maintain traction. The leading edges get longer than normal ramps on some center blocks, and steeper ramps on the side knobs. Any ramps on side knobs are not common, but Tioga found this to offer smoother, faster rolling while cornering. The pics here show the massive base for the outermost side knobs, which (from the sounds of Merritt’s review) were crucial in keeping the tires planted when pinning it through corners.

Tioga Glide G3 mountain bike tire review and actual weights

Claimed weight for the G3TT 27.5×2.35 is 810g, so ours came in a little lighter at 774g. The G3 27.5×2.6 has a claimed weight of 890g, but it came in a bit heavier at 920g. We’d consider both to be within the acceptable range of variances.

All versions come tubeless ready and use a 120tpi casing with a light bead-to-bead protection layer to help support the sidewall under hard cornering.

Glide G3 Ride Impressions

Tioga Glide G3 mountain bike tire review

The Glide G3TT 2.35″ is quick and bitey. Tight lugs in center really rolled easy. Didn’t feel heavy at all. Kinda loose so the name Glide really spoke to me as I was able to slide the rear end with confidence that it wouldn’t just wash out. The side lugs really kept it in control.

Tioga Glide G3 mountain bike tire review Tioga Glide G3 mountain bike tire review

I started them out at 28psi then lowered them down just a little bit to 26psi and they felt great. More grip on roots and the sidewalls were supported well on turns. I normally ride my tires at relatively higher pressures, so for me, the sidewalls must be thick enough to be able to ride a little lower pressure and not feel like they will roll.

Tioga Glide G3 mountain bike tire review

I haven’t been a fan of plus tires but this tread changed my thinking big time! Again, the center lugs helped keep it rolling with ease and side lugs bit in when I needed them to after swashing turns and drifting around. These had a great grip on off camber roots and rocks.

I started out at 28psi and then lowered them down to 20psi and whew what a different tire! I liked it even more. At this low psi, I was just waiting for it to roll and rebound me off the trail, but the sidewall construction was always there to support me.

Overall, I’m impressed with the speed and traction they offer. Weight is good, installation was easy enough, and they set up tubeless well. If you like to get a little loose and need a tire that can keep the bike going where it needs to be without tamping down the fun factor, give the Tiogas a look!


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5 years ago

This tire looks to have some good potential. Which width 2.35/2.6 would you recommend for a 30mm inner width rim? Did you prefer this tire as a front or rear tire? Does this tire suffer from any of the vague traction some tires experience when transitioning from center tread to side knobs?

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