Since their launch just a few years ago, Ride Concepts introduced a number of new shoes from post ride slides to burly shoes for downhill. Packed with technical features, it’s fair to say that most of their shoes have occupied the ‘modern MTB shoe‘ space rather than the classic skate/BMX shoe. To change that, Ride Concepts teamed up with a true MTB legend – Kyle Strait.

Ride Concepts Vice Kyle Strait Signature edition

Ride Concepts Vice Kyle Strait Signature edition

Ride Concepts Vice Kyle Strait Signature edition

To be fair, Ride Concepts also worked with their team of slopestyle and BMX athletes in designing the Vice, but only Strait gets his own signature model. Featuring an all black suede upper and a Rubber Kinetics DST 6.0 High Grip outsole in a classic gum sole color, the Vice will blend in both on and off the bike.

Ride Concepts Vice Kyle Strait Signature edition

Ride Concepts Vice Kyle Strait Signature edition

To make sure it performs well on the bike, the RC Fuzion outole is designed to hug the pedal and increase sensitivity. With a sloped-angle inverse hexagon pattern that varies from 9mm at the toe and heel to 7mm at the pedal contact zone, the thought is that the pedal traction pins will settle inside the hexagons bringing the pedal closer to your foot. The soles are also seem to be more flexible than other Ride Concepts shoes which allows the shoe to hug the pedal, again increasing the feel through the shoe.

In the short time that I’ve had a pair to try, the outsoles have proven to be extremely grippy with the pedal almost locking into the shoe. Yet, it’s still fairly easy to reposition your foot on the pedal likely due to the sloped edges of the little hexagons.

Ride Concepts Vice tech

Ride Concepts Vice Kyle Strait Signature edition d3o

Another bit of hidden tech is the D3O High Impact Zone Technology built into the insole. After riding another pair of Ride Concepts shoes with D3O tech, I’m sold on the idea. To me, repeated bails to flat are noticeably less punishing with the D3O insoles. Combined with a cup outsole design with 3mm of EVA foam, you end up with a very comfortable shoe.

Ride Concepts Vice Kyle Strait Signature edition

The front of the shoe features a small raised rubber toe cap and an additional TPU toe protector under the suede.

Ride Concepts Vice Kyle Strait Signature edition

With a classic lace-up design, the shoe features a fully gusseted tongue to prevent dirt from getting into the shoe. Compared to something like the RC Hellion, the Vice seems to have a more generous fit which means that these fit a bit looser for the same given size. I had to cinch up the laces pretty tight – enough that I’m thinking I should have gone down a half size compared to the size I run on the Hellion. I tend to like my skate shoes pretty loose, but with these being a low top, they’re a little too loose around the ankle for my liking without the laces done up tight. Again, I think if I went a half size smaller, I could run them looser without issue.

Ride Concepts Vice

Ride Concepts Vice women's

In addition to the Kyle Strait Signature model, Ride Concepts will offer two additional colors for both men and women. All of the adult Vices will sell for $100.

Ride Concepts Vice kid's

Kids also get their own mini Vice in two colors for $80.00. Available now.

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