Ritchey just sent over a little teaser of their 2015 product line in the form of an all-new, WCS carbon version of the Bullmoose one-piece bar/stem combo.

As the story goes, in 1978, Tom Ritchey raced the Repack Downhill in Marin, CA, on a borrowed bike. Supposedly, he was killin’ it, en route to sure victory, when halfway down the rough descent his bars slipped and rotated, forcing him to stop and fix it. “My time was not that far off from the winner, even considering the stop,” Ritchey said, “I thought, all I need is a better handlebar and stem and I can win this thing.”

To prevent such misfortune in the future, he modded his existing steel stems into a one-piece triangulated shape welded to a handlebar. It became stock equipment on his first mountain bike (and many others) during mountain biking’s early days.

Now, 35 years later, it’s back…


The new WCS Bullmoose gets a much lower profile, but it keeps the triangulated design that makes the unit so stiff and strong, taking advantage of the light weight and vibration damping offered by carbon fiber. An alloy steerer clamp is bonded in to insure a solid connection to the rest of the bike.


Five stem lengths and three widths are available (stem x width):

  • 70 x 720mm
  • 80 x 730mm
  • 90/100/110 x 740mm

Claimed weight is 280 grams for the 80×730 size. They should be available this fall for $299.95. Now, have a peek at its predecessor:





  1. Henry on

    70 x 740 would have been sweet. don’t get the widths going up as length increases. But again this is a pure XC item.

  2. K11 on

    @henry. i agree. mak’em (the bar width) all the same, and just cut’em down if needed.

    a lot of old is new again is happening. with klein design elements/concepts taking hold of the industry. i still wish i could get a modern day Klein (pre-trek, of course) in the larger wheel formats. i’d take that over any of today’s asian carbon BS any day.

  3. wheelz on

    Very cool, but about 5 years behind the times in the width departments. A lot, if not a majority, of XC racers are rocking 740 to 780 mm width bars theses days.

  4. Joe on

    @wheelz do you honestly believe your intution is a more reliable market demand barometer than the person(s) who financed and organized the mass market production of an item to be distributed by one of the best selling aftermarket and high-end OEM component brands?

  5. Jesse Edwards on

    Stems and bars work pretty damn well now, and you can even change the bar or stem if you change your bike. Why would anyone want this?

  6. badbikemechanicx on

    @Jesse I want this bad. I mainly want it because it looks balln, and it’s freaking light. These two little factors will make me faster thereby making it totally worth the $300.

  7. Chris on

    I’m just waiting for drops to make a return to MTBs! I had an 1987 Bridgestone MB-1 that came stock with drop bars. For all but the steepest, most technical of trails they were awesome.


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