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Road to NAHBS 2012 – Don Walker Cycles

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Don Walker's sponsored rider, Gian Dalle Angelini, tests the goods. Photo: Kayla Dantzler.

It’s that time of year again…the lead up to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. And time for us to pester the exhibitors for info and photos of their bikes to whet your appetite for the big show.

This year, we decided to see what they’ve been up to since last year’s show in Austin, plus a sneak peek of what they’ll be busting out at this year’s show in Sacramento. And, per usual, a little something fun thrown in at the end.

This year, we’re starting off with the man behind the show, Don Walker:

BIKERUMOR: What have you been working on since NAHBS last year?

DON: I have been trying to get my shop set up, again! We moved to Louisville, KY in October and its been a few months since I have been in the building. I have talked to several of my colleagues and they all said something to the effect of “It’ll take you a few months to get your shop in order once you have moved” and I didn’t believe them at the time. Here we are, over two months later and low and behold, I am just about ready to make bikes again. I don’t wish relocating on anyone, especially a framebuilder! But prior to that, I made several track and cross bikes with a few road bikes thrown in for good measure. Since The Ville (as the locals call it) is Cross centric, I will have an opportunity to refine my cross bike skills.

Other sponsored riders slog through run ups and snow on Don Walker's latest passion play. Photos: Scott Whitehair & Kayla Dantzler.

BIKERUMOR: Any killer custom bike builds?

DON: I have a few that were pretty cool since last year’s show, but since the move, I don’t have much access to a photographer. I have some pics of my cross team guys, if that helps…

BIKERUMOR: Did you see anything last year that’s inspired you?

DON: I take inspiration from several things in my life. I hate to admit it, but I wasn’t very happy the last year or so while living in Indy. Since the move, my happy meter is off the charts, so I believe that will have a profound impact on my inspiration for design and building.

Angellini racing in Walker's new hometown of Louisville, KY. Photo: Joe Vondesaar.

BIKERUMOR: Can you give us a teaser of what your bringing to NAHBS 2012?

DON: Hmmmm, a teaser, huh? Ok, lets just say this; Since the move to Louisville (site of the 2013 Cross Worlds) I have really become to appreciate Cross, so look for some bikes meant to get muddy in my booth and as regular offerings. I am working on one particular bike that should stand out amongst all the other bikes in the hall….

BIKERUMOR: If you had to race all the other builders, who would you want to inch out for the win right at the line?

DON: Since I am now really trying to drop weight, be healthy and ride my bike again, its possible a year from now we might actually see me race again. When that day happens, I’m really wanting to throw a hook at (and beat) Richard Sachs. He’s pretty tough for his age category, so I’ll need some stellar fitness between now and then. As long as its not for DFL, I’d be happy…

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12 years ago

Don Walker can double as a bouncer at a nightclub. That dude is ferocious.

12 years ago

Ah, give us a break and for Ghod’s sake don’t flood the site with articles about NAHBS like last year! It’s seriously boring and you would be doing these poor cranks a favor by not humoring them, so they can get a life…

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