Roka eyewear has just waved in the Matador, a new pair of lightweight, oversized cycling sunglasses. They’re unique looking, and they seem to back up the design with solid tech and performance claims. And they’re expensive, but not outside the norm for high end specs you’re likely to find in the peloton. Here’s the deal…

ROKA Matador ultralight cycling sunglasses

ROKA Matador ultralight cycling sunglasses

In all honesty, every time I see the latest pair of wide, wrap-around mirror-lens sunglasses launched for cyclists, I’m overwhelmed by a sudden desire to yawn (sorry, even you Roka). There’s rarely much innovation, or even truly unique looks, in the category (solar-powered auto-darkening lenses being an exception).

ROKA Matador ultralight cycling sunglasses

And the marketing hype language is just absurd. Case in point, here’s the Matador’s official PR:

The all new ROKA Matador represents the past, present, and future, of an audacious movement to redefine the standard.”  “A radical take on performance eyewear, pumped full of more game-changing design and tech than anything that has come before. The future is here – it’s time to Fast Forward.”

Fortunately, it looks like there might be a bit more to these than marketing hype…

ROKA Matador tech details

ROKA Matador ultralight cycling sunglasses

The Roka Matador glasses get a pleasantly different profile with a dropped & upward facing hinge design that allows more space around the top of the frame to reduce the chances of interference with most cycling helmets.

The frame has a flexible nylon construction, which results in an ultralight weight of just 28g.

ROKA Matador ultralight cycling sunglasses

On the inside a titanium wire lets you adjust the fit/shape of the temple bend. Then, on the outside they get grippy hydrophilic rubber GEKO no-slip tips to keep them in place, as well as similarly soft nose pads so they won’t slide down your sweaty face. Four nose pads sizes are included to get the perfect fit.

ROKA Matador ultralight cycling sunglasses

The C3 7-base cylindrical lens makes high claims for zero-distortion optical clarity whether sitting up or in an aero tuck. And there are three stock lens colors, plus seven more (sold separately) colors & finishes available to suit different riding conditions.

Roka claims excellent ventilation thanks to their slimline shape that allows good airflow to prevent fogging.

Here’s their Remote Otter video submission, followed by pricing info…

ROKA Matador pricing & availability

ROKA Matador ultralight cycling sunglasses


Roka sells consumer direct, so you will have to get them shipped straight from the source. But they do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 90-day return policy where you’d only be out shipping costs if you aren’t totally happy with their fit & performance. The Matadors sell for $195 / £190 in black with a gold mirror lens, white with blue fusion mirror, or fluorescent yellow with teal mirrored lens. All are in stock and ready to ship globally now.

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