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Roundup: Awesome kids bikes, gear, accessories & seats

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If you’ve got kids and you’re a bike geek, it’s all but certain you’re spending a solid chunk of your bike contemplations on how to make junior’s ride as sick as possible. And since several of us have little rumor-lets riding around the yard, we geek out on the smaller bikes and kits at the shows.

The Spin Foxy has a carbon frame with plenty of high end carbon bits on it, like a Schmolke seatpost and truncated THM Clavicula cranks. Click the pic to enlarge and check them out close up, then roll past the break for a whole lot more great kids’ stuff…


A nice custom leather cover on the otherwise full carbon saddle (and all the other carbon goodness) probably puts this out of most folks’ price range, but still fun to look at. If anyone knows the website for this brand, leave it in the comments.


German brand Supurb, which stands for Super Urban Mobility, makes high quality alloy kids bikes from a balance bike through 12, 16, 20 and 24 inch wheel sizes. The 24″ shown above comes with a SRAM shifting group and Spinner air suspension fork.


Smaller wheeled bikes get a rigid fork. This 20″ shown above has a special build with Formula brakes and upgraded drivetrain, but they do offer a stock build with SRAM Gripshift 1×10, hydraulic brakes and Schwalbe tires for €699.


Infinite Bicycles’ makes a complete line of adult road and mountain bikes, but it’s the Teenergy 12″ balance bikes that caught our eye. It’s an alloy frame with steel fork, foot pegs and wide tires with a hydraulic disc brake and elastomer rear suspension.


Maxx, also a German company, manufacturers, finishes and paints their frames in house. And they, too, make a wide range of bikes – road, mountain, commuter, and fat. For the little princess (or prince, or Dicky) that wants to build trail, they put together this all pink 24″ fat bike with rear rack and color-matched chainsaw. Cute.


Eurobike has so many Asian private label manufacturers that it all becomes a blur. But for some reason, this little custom built 12″ wheel stood out. Because sometimes the little ones need nice rolling stock, too.


One of the hardest things to find (for me, anyway) has been quality gloves to fit my kids. Had anyone around here stocked UK brand Kiddimoto, they’d have sold at least four or five pair to me over the past seven years. Kids grow. Kids lose things. And Kids definitely like to scrape the snot outta their hands when they wreck.


Kiddimoto makes a huge selection of prints, patterns and colors for their gloves, which conveniently match a lot of their helmets, too. No more showing up for the preschool group rides looking like a Fred.


Matchy matchy.


Spectra takes has an even broader range of matching accessories, putting similar prints and colors on locks, bottles, saddles, packs, grips and helmets. The helmets get MIPS options for kids, youth and adult sizes, too. And, their website has plenty of kid activities you can print out, like a sewing pattern to make your own saddle cover. So pro.


Egg Helmets makes universal sport helmets certified for snow, skate and cycling for youth (adult versions coming soon) that let you pick your helmet size, then choose a cover and accessory to make it your own. For instance, pick an orange (or is it peach?) cover, then add the stem so no one’s left guessing at your motif.


A clear cover is also available, and accessories run the gamut.


Slap on a visor, too.


If your kids are too young to care about any of that, then you’re probably caring about a proper bicycle seat to take them along. Bobike lists their front-mounted seats being OK for kids up to three years old, and the rear-mounted ones for kids up to 10. Not sure about you, but there’s no way I’d be toting my 10 year old around on the back of my bike, but should your situation (special needs, etc.) be different, these look top notch.


Their seats are Dutch designed and made in Europe, and they make all manner of accessories to go with them and protect your tots.

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Wv cycling
Wv cycling
8 years ago

I want those pink fatbike tires.

Still looking for some white 29er tires

And some michelin mud cx tires in that famous green.

8 years ago

Ah, the michilen mud tires…. I’ve a pair in deep storage that get pulled out every year or so. They make me feel dated, but still so sweet. I swear they’re a million times better than the mud2….

8 years ago

The web page of manufacturer of the carbon bike is http://www.spin-system.de/index.htm

They also built the frame of the lighest bike in the world.

Jörg Thomsen
Jörg Thomsen
8 years ago

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