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Ryder’s compact Groove Tool turns tricky bolts, Kinetic Cage carries spares & more!

Ryder Innovation Groove Tool multi-tool
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Tool & accessory maker Ryder Innovation has three new low-cost gadgets to start out 2022, keeping your bike and bike rides running smoothly. Most-compact of the new bunch is the Groove Tool, a bit-based multi-t00l to fit in tight spots. Then, the highly adaptable Kinetic Cage to carry more tools & spares beneath your water bottle. Plus, a new XL version of their Luberetta for perfect chain lubrication every time.

Ryder Innovation Groove Tool multi-tool

Ryder Innovation Groove Tool multi-tool end
c. Ryder

The new Ryder Groove Tool is super simple, but effective. A 25mm diameter nesting nylon housing secures 5 double-ended nickel-plated hardened steel bits inside, held in place with small magnets behind an O-ring seal to keep moisture out.

Ryder Innovation Groove Tool multi-tool, How-To

The housing itself features two hardened steel inserts, one at each end and 90° opposed to each other. So, you can insert a bit longways and use it like a long screwdriver. Or stick a bit into the side of the head and use the length of the housing for leverage on a tight, hard-to-reach bolt.

Ryder Innovation Groove Tool multi-tool

The $20 Groove Tool includes 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 & 6mm hexes, T10 & T25 torxes, and flat & Phillips screwdrivers. The 125mm long tool (when closed) weighs a claimed 80g. It seems to me that’s about the same diameter as a 16g CO2 cartridge, suggesting you may be able to mount it into Ryder’s Slyder storage system?

Kinetic Cage adjustable water bottle cage & extra storage

Kinetic Cage adjustable water bottle cage & extra storage

At first, Ryder’s subtly right entry-specific Kinetic Cage is an injection-molded nylon water bottle cage that offers much more than normal positioning adjustment. Thanks to long slots in its body, Ryder says you can mount it up to 6cm higher or 4cm lower than a standard bottle cage.

Kinetic Cage adjustable water bottle cage & extra storage, on-bike

Then the large bracket at the base of your bottle AND the mount extending along your frame both offer slots to attach the included velcro strap to attach a spare tube or anything else you can bundle up low in your frame. Then, grooves on either side let you clip on two included Slyder sleeves to carry a spare CO2 and a SlugPlug to patch a tubeless flat.

And the whole Kinetic Cage setup only costs $12 (SlugPlug & CO2 not included).

Ryder Luberetta XL

ryder innovation luberetta chain lube applicator head fins

We’ve already covered the “no mess, no waste” Luberetta chain lube-r last fall.

Pairing a tiny 15ml bottle of Ryder yellow wax lube with the finned silicone applicator for just $6, you get efficient application of lube onto your chain without making a big greasy mess, and without wasting expensive lube when you overdo it.

Ryder Luberetta XL chain lube applicator

But now a bigger Luberetta XL version is available too. It gets a larger 125ml bottle of the same yellow wax lube, with an offset neck so it’s still easy to get into the tight space under your chainstay and up to your chainring. No word yet on how much the XL bottle will cost.

All of the new Ryder tools & accessories are made entirely in South Africa. They are available from today through Ryder’s international distributor network, and likely will show up directly in their Amazon listings soon, as well.


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