UPDATE: Video has moved behind the “MORE” link because it starts automatically and was making a lot of noise when you and everyone else visited the site.

Bookmark this page (use that little “permalink” link below) and check back for the live video unveiling of the new aero bike from Scott. They’ve been super tight with this product, not even their U.S. marketing manager has any photos of it to leak to us, so when it goes live, this vid will be your first look at what a select few Highroad riders will be throwin’ around the track for the next few weeks.

1pm CET (Central European Time) translates to 7am EST and 4am PST…but only during the summer while they’re on CEST (Central European Summer Time), which I think means they’re only working like 15 hours a week. Set your alarm, or just check back here at your leisure and we’ll have some photos and such posted.

Hit ‘more’ to watch the entire presentation…bike is only really shown in the last two minutes…

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