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Seize the Day with Orbea’s New Diem a Lightweight, Urban eBike

Orbea Diem hero(Phoptos/Orbea)
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News from Spanish bike company, Orbea today as they introduce their new commuter eBike, the Diem. Orbea says their latest step forward on urban strategy is centered on three main pillars of Performance, Smart Design, and Personalization.

Orbea is no stranger to making high-performance bikes. They’ve taken that expertise and applied it to their new Urban bicycle. For example, using lightweight frames, and components, and tech that is specifically relevant to Urban mobility. This provides a greater focus on rider confidence, comfort, and appropriate power.

Diem: The New A to B

Riding from point A to point B should be fun, not something to dread. The Diem is not just a powerful tool for city riding, but a classy and trustworthy partner that you can count on every day.

The quality components, attention to detail, and clever frame design give you the smoothest ride. The dynamic motor and precise handling make it a breeze to slot into traffic. The wraparound lights will keep you safe while jockeying through the urban jungle.

Let’s see what Orbea says about what sets the Diem apart from the others.

Quality, a Step Above

Diem is built with a deep understanding of performance, design, and a belief that riding should be enjoyable. The elegant frame design “removes anything superfluous”, while pursuing simple solutions. With high-quality components and accessories, the Diem is a collection of details that work together to “give a riding experience way beyond other city bikes.

Orbea Diem close up

The hydroformed, butted aluminum tubing gives Orbea more control over the material. This enhances the frame design while reducing weight and optimizing frame rigidity. A bike that has a nice balance of rigidity and weight makes for a fun riding bike.

The final step of a “High Polish” finish, where the welds are “polished” to make them invisible, giving the Diem its smooth look.

Orbea Diem at night

The Diem’s intelligent lighting system will help keep you seen whether riding during the day or at night. The rear light gets brighter as you brake, alerting traffic behind you. The front light has an “auto-on” when the daytime light fades to night, allowing you to be seen, while illuminating the road ahead.

Performance, Enjoy Every Ride

Orbea used their patented design called Diamond Glide when designing the Diem’s frame. This design allows the frame to be vertically compliant, absorbing bumps and smoothing out the rough, un-maintained roads. The combo of the carbon fork and wide tires lend to the overall smooth ride of the Diem.

Orbea Diem in action

The Diem uses Orbea’s new “Urban geometry” which keeps the weight low and centered. This, in turn, means fast reflexes and inherent stability, helping navigate the urban area.

Safety, Safety Built into Every Journey

Orbea Diem integrated headlight

Every Diem will come with a built-in, high-tech lighting system that will automatically switch itself on to help keep you safe. The front beam will automatically come on at night, and the wrap-around lights make sure you are always visible day or night, even from the side.

Orbea Diem rear light

As mentioned earlier, the rear brake light will get brighter when the rider is braking.

The Diem’s headlight is the Supernova Starstream and is integrated into the handlebar, or the front rack if that’s the option you choose. Integrating the light into the handlebar will help prevent damage, theft, and obstructions from the light beam.

Again, this helps you stay visible. There is an option to pick the Supernova Starstream dual beam, allowing the rider to easily switch between low and high beams. All of the lights that come equipped on the Diem are StVZO compliant.

Helping you load and unload the Diem easily is the integrated Spin Block system, which keeps the handlebars from rotating too far. All Diem models will come equipped with high-quality tires that are puncture-resistant and have reflective sidewall stripes.

Also, hidden on the Diem’s motor cover is a spot to hide your AirTag if you see fit. It doesn’t have to be an Airtag, it can be any compatible tracker. the Diem also comes equipped with a lifetime warranty.

Full Power, Intelligent Control

The Diem is equipped with a 630Wh battery, integrated into the downtube, and uses the “latest cell technology” packing more charge into a smaller space. This equates to around 150 km, or 9 hours, between charges, which could mean that many riders may need to charge their bike less than once a week. A typical charge takes around 4 hours.

Orbea Diem Shimano and Gates belt drive

The Shimano EP motor offers simple, reliable service day after day, as well as an extensive network of service centers if needed. The rider can control the subtle LED backlit remote without moving their hands from the bars. For more info, the rider can easily connect to the mobile app.

The SBS system securely fixes the battery inside the bike frame. This not only makes the battery impossible to steal, SBS allows Orbea to design better-looking, slimmer frames that are lighter and stiffer.

There is a 252Wh range extender that slots easily into the bottle cage, making it easy to remove it and take it up to the office to top it off.

Everything You Need, and Nothing You Don’t

There are 20kg and 30kg rear carriers available for the Diem. Both of these carriers are compatible with Ortlieb and MIK systems along with an optional 10kg front rack and basket.

Orbea Diem rear rack

There is also an available adaptor that makes the Diem 10 and Diem 20 compatible with Thule, Burley, Croozer, and Hamax trailers. Diem 30 works with conventional thru axle adaptors.

Orbea Diem clever integrated kick stand

The lower step-through frame makes it easy to mount and dismount. It could even add security when the need for a sudden stop occurs. The integrated kickstand pivots from the bike’s center, and neatly “hides” when not in use.

Orbea Diem intgrated phone mount

Integrated cables and switches in the handlebar mean that everything you need is at your fingertips, keeping your hands on the bars. Not having a cluster of cables means you have more space for accessories, like your phone or the front rack.

Orbea Diem integrated USB-C charging port

The Diem uses a one-piece stem and handlebar that’s designed to make it easy to mount and dismount your phone, with its integrated SP Connect system. The top tube power outlet adds the convenience of a USB-C connection for charging your phone as well.

Personalization, Designed by You

Diem Size Chart

Orbea Diem size chart

Along with the three different models of Diem, comes three very different drivetrain options offering different choices for different riders. The user can choose from four frame sizes with the smaller sizes prioritizing comfort, and the larger, performance.

No word from Orbea on the retail price. The Diem comes in three different colors, Ivory White – Gloss, Glitter Anthracite – Gloss, and Spaceship Green – Matte.

The Diem is available now. Check out more on the Diem by hitting the link below.


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1 month ago

“Integrated cables and switches in the handlebar mean that” your mechanic now hates you even more for making them work on this overcomplicated “bicycle”.

1 month ago

Its a beautiful bike with a lot of clean integration. They spent a lot of effort bringing this to production. But why would they allow a design so incredibly similar to Specialized Sirrus to accepted internally? There are plenty of unique designs to be created that would make this more stand alone or unique, but instead they chose to go forward with the Spesh Sirrus rear triangle design? Makes no sense (unless they partnered with S to collaborate).

Jason DW
Jason DW
1 month ago

Bike theft and overall crime is at an all time high and this fancy bike would be a prize for the assholes bike thieves. Its just begging to be ripped off.
Neat bike and l like it’s look other than the integrated cables. Such a stupid bike to have integration on, a daily driver where things need to be simple as possible. KISS- Keep It
Simple Stupid..

Marc Smith
Marc Smith
1 month ago
Reply to  Jason DW

I hear you but not having wires dangle everywhere like some kind of confusing Bafang christmas tree with bags and sensors also has advantages, just a hit, a slice, a bad move can trip an exposed wire. A well hidden wire goes a long way. The cables are fully lined through out the frame, not sure how difficult that actually is.

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