Looking out my window, the first snowflakes of the season are a reminder that much colder weather is just around the bend. While virtual riding on a trainer can do wonders for your winter-time fitness, there’s nothing like getting out for an actual ride even if the weather isn’t ideal. The trick is just to be prepared with the right cold weather riding gear, like the new Sidi Gore 2 cycling boots.

Sidi Zero Gore 2 winter cycling boot

Now, if you already have a pair of the original Sidi Zero or MTB Frost Gore boots, the updates to the Gore 2 models likely won’t have you jumping to buy a new pair. But for those who are still looking to armor their feet against winter’s wet grip, these small changes should make for an even better boot.

Like the first gen, the Gore 2 boots include an exterior made from mesh and MicroTech Microfiber to keep the boots as light as possible. Inside that exterior though is a full Gore-Tex liner to keep out water, wind, and cold while maintaining breathability.

Sidi Zero Gore 2 winter cycling boot sole Sidi Zero Gore 2 winter cycling boot heel pad

For the Zero Gore 2 Road Bike Boot, changes include a redesigned Carbon Millenium 5 sole. The improvements supposedly make for a stiffer, more durable sole that is able to better withstand continuous changes in temperature. You’ll still find replaceable polyurethane heel pads and a three bolt mount for most road cleats.

Sidi Zero Gore 2 winter cycling boot heel cup

Additionally, the heel cup has been reinforced with a lighter design that still reduces heel slip and aids in power transfer. Shoe adjustments are made via Tecno-3 dials on each shoe with an upper and lower Velcro strap.

Sidi MTB Frost Gore 2 winter cycling boot

For mountain biking, gravel riding, or if you’d just prefer a winter boot that is easily walked-in, the MTB Frost Gore 2 gets lighter thanks to a new nylon sole with PU inserts.

Sidi MTB Frost Gore 2 winter cycling boot sole

This new MTB SR17 sole includes a raised SIDI logo in in the center of the sole that acts as a non-slip grip when trying to mount your bike and find the icy pedals. Replaceable toe inserts include the option of mounting metal toe spikes for exceptionally muddy rides.

Sidi MTB Frost Gore 2 winter cycling boot heel cup

Like the Zero, the MTB Frost Gore 2 gets a reinforced heel cup for less heel slip and better power transfer. It also keeps the Tecno-3 dials and dual Velcro strap adjustment system.

Pricing and availability is still TBA for the U.S. market, but inside Italy, both boots are listed at 249.00€.


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1 year ago

Looks really nice! I will probably buy these next year when I move to a colder environment.