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SKS Introduces New Bicycle Fenders

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The old cut up 2-liter bottle works great in a pinch, but let’s face it, it just wouldn’t fly on your chic commuter bike.  And if you’re really going to be riding the trail when it’s wet (sometimes, you just have to, we know), SKS has you covered.  More to the point, they’ve got your wheels covered.

From the new, wider Chromoplastic full wheel fenders above, to the big mud flap mountain bike gear below, they’ve introduced several new products to accomodate 29ers, Manitou forks, Headshock forks and any and everything in between.

Hit the “more” link to see all the new stuff…

The new Chromoplastic fenders are available in silver and black and are now 55mm wide to offer better side coverage to accommodate some of the fat comfort tires now coming on commuter bikes and cruisers.  MSRP is 52.99.

The Shockblade now comes in longer, larger profiles with a 95mm width to accommodate 29er wheels and tires.  Also available now are adapters and extra hardware kits to let you swap fenders between bikes and mount them to Manitou and Headshock forks.

Example of the Manitou version, MSRP $29.99.

The Headshock adapter, MSRP $6.99.

The X-Blade has also received some growth hormones, getting longer and wider to accomodate 29ers and fatter all-mountain / freeride tires.  The X-Blade pivots just behind the seat clamp and again at the fender to get the position just right.  MSRP is $29.99.

The X-Board isn’t necessarily new, but I’m showing it as an example of how much better for your paint and social life this is than slapping half a 2-liter on your downtube is.

Last up is the aero adapter for their Raceblade fenders so you can snug your fenders up with your aero road fork. MSRP $6.99.

They also have some new Recumbent fender sets in 20/26 and 20/20 sized pairs, MSRP is $56/set.  Sorry, no pic.

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