For those of us with mini-me’s following us around on the trails, finding a true high end frame for them to rip on usually means getting a Specialized/Trek/Raleigh/Giant kid’s bike and, perhaps, porting over a few parts from our old stock in an effort to bring the weight down a bit.

That helps a bit, but the real trick is getting top end suspension and drivetrain parts for those bikes. Enter Lil’ Shredder.

Developed by Brian Stanton, their frames are all 6061 alloy, and all made in California by Ventana. They offer both hardtails and full suspension that accommodate 16″ or 20″ wheels, plus a new 24″ full suspension platform.

The 16″ and 20″ wheels use the same frames and forks, just swap dropouts. The 24″ full suspension frames use 26″ forks with geometry adjusted frame designs. The rear triangle has three shock mounting positions letting you move from 4″ to 4.5″ to 5″, and the head angle is 65° when in longer travel and moves up to 67° in 4″ travel mode. Yes, that’s a little slack, but considering the size constraints, it’s more than acceptable.

Lil Shredder Prodigy 24-inch kids full suspension and Icon hardtail 16-inch mountain bike

The Icon 16″/20″ hardtail ranges from $1,600 (DJ build with single brake, single speed hardtail), and $1,800 for gears and dual disc. The frame with Spinner air suspension fork is $975. Custom colors are available for $95 extra.

Lil Shredder Prodigy 20-inch kids full suspension mountain bike

The Prodigy 16″/20″ full susser starts at $1,750 for frame, White Brother’s fork and Fox air shock. Complete bikes start at $2,250. It’s shown above with 20″ wheels and at the top of this post with 16″ wheels.

Lil Shredder Prodigy 20-inch kids full suspension mountain bike

Swappable dropouts let the bike grow with your kid. Part of the magic is using high end cranksets that he has machined down to shorter lengths and re-drilled and tapped for the pedals. Another really nice feature is the ISCG tabs that let you run a single ring with chain guide. Honestly, kids this size just don’t need (and rarely use) front gears, especially with a standard “adult” cassette’s range in the rear.

Lil Shredder Phenom 24-inch kids full suspension mountain bike

The Phenom 24″ frames start at $1,350 and complete bikes start at $3,200. It gets a tapered headtube and keeps the adjustable length suspension.

Lil Shredder Phenom 24-inch kids full suspension mountain bike

This is a bit cheaper because it doesn’t include the fork…but more than likely if you’re considering something like this, you have a 26″ fork laying around.



    Nice. Its tough to find a kids bike that doesn’t weigh 50lbs and a piece of junk.
    Does seem a little on the pricey side, but I know its a very low volume specialty thing.

  2. satisFACTORYrider on

    that’s pretty damn cool. although, i would have to make a deal with my kiddo to race bmx 10&11x and trophy before i throw down that much $. skills then bills!

  3. Chris S on

    I just got a 20 inch lil shredder for my youngest son, and am waiting to get a 24 inch for my older son. The build quality, design and finish of the bike is better than most high end adult bikes on the market. The bike is just amazing, and now I can’t get my son off of it.

  4. Ryan on

    Impressive indeed, luckily my son’s Trek MT is quite adequate…just need to replace those wimpy stock Bontrager tires. Those things roll over and die at the mere sight of a goathead.

  5. slickrock450 on

    Brian at LilShredder has done a great job in getting kids quaility bikes out to the market. I have a 24inch Phenom for my Daughter and 20inch Prodigy for my son. The bikes are legit and allow for my kids to have a bike by scale that is not 120lbs. They are excited about riding everytime we ge out. Which makes me a happy dad!


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