At first glance, the ultra low saddle and its excessive tilt could make you think this was a new downhill bike. But then you realize that it was prepped for Sea Otter’s “gravity” courses and that the fork’s angle wasn’t nearly slack enough for a true DH bike. What this new KHS 7500 really is is a totally overhauled mountain bike designed for enduro racing. And it’s drastically better looking than its predecessor.

Just as interesting as the frame is the production story. This isn’t the first incarnation of the new 7500. Those were on the water, but when everything got held up in the big California freight debacle, they actually changed the frame design and sent the originals back. So, these new ones are somewhere between production and in the warehouse, considered a late 2015 model introduction…


They redesigned the rear suspension, changing the instant center to make it more supple off the top and ramp more at the bottom. The lower shock mount moves forward and closer to that rocker’s pivot point.


The upper rocket is now one piece.


Rear brake mounts are now part of the frame requiring no adapters, and they’re going with a stealth thru axle.


Here’s the outgoing model, for comparison. Compare the shaping of the top and seat tubes in particular.


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7 years ago

This is an Astro frame. Had almost the same frame and the black nuts on the yoke after some mileage fixed so tightly the bolts that it was impossible to unwind them without wearing the torx bed. They are made from (dur?)aluminum and its baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. And should I mention the squeaks from these joints? Each one must be greased – unwind, put the grease, tight (had no Nm specification for this), cause the manufacturer forgot to do it 0.o

On the other hand the ball bearings were ok on mine, but they didn’t manage to hold a season on my friend’s frame.

7 years ago

it looks mean and interesting. appears to check all boxes for a performance bike.

7 years ago

Man, Taiwan has come a long way! Props to khs for borrowing other brands designs and working off of their platforms

7 years ago

The 7500 2015 outgoing model is awesome. I know because I have one. Have to personally ride the new 2015/ 2016 prototype 7500 to give some feedback.