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SOC15: Light & Motion adds GoPro mount for lights, new 850 Trail headlight & more

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Light & Motion’s Urban series of commuter headlamps now has three models under $100, and they come in a wide range of colors as shown above.

And all of those iterations come with a new GoPro style mount and will ship free with all the 800 models. It’ll be $14.99 on its own if you want to add it to any other Urban light they’ve ever sold, letting you retrofit to any lights you already own.

And if your rides lead you off the pavement, there’s the new 850 Trail…


New 850 Trail looks like the Urban (shown above), but has a bit narrower beam to keep the light on the trail in front of you rather than a broad swath of road. The side illuminators are dimmed, too.

If you’re looking for a lot more light on the trail, you’re in luck. Their very excellent Seca 2000 drops in price, the Enduro is now $499 and the Race is $449. The “2000” number in the model name refers to the lumen output, which L&M measures using industry standard equipment they own so their claims are accurate. So, the 850 Trail (and Urban) pump out 850 lumens.


Both the Urban and Trail models will work with the new GoPro-style mount, which attaches in place of the strap.


That lets you mount it to K-Edge’s Garmin/GoPro combo mount.


K-Edge’s folks were also standing by to point out their Gravity Cap mount, too, which replaces the standard headset cap at the top of the steerer.


L&M’s Sidekick accessory video light made it through crowd funding. It was built for the dive market, so it’s very waterproof. It has a flood and a spot light totaling 600 lumens.

All of the above ships in July.


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8 years ago

Light and motion is one of these companies that I am always glad to see doing new things.

Their products are made in the the USA and the build and feel of each item shows. And I have experienced absolute top notch customer support when I had a problem this one of their products.

Their prices are not cheap, but you’ll be very happy with anything from L&M.

8 years ago

Any idea if it will work on the Taz line in addition to the Urban?

Buyer Beware
Buyer Beware
8 years ago

I used to sing the praises of L&M when I had a pro deal from them. That made the prices reasonable, but I’ve had quite a bit of trouble with their build quality. I’ve been through multiple Vis180 lights. They’ve replaced them under warranty a few times, but I’ve currently got 2 Vis180 lights that will not exit charging mode. L&M wants me to pay $35 each to repair them. I’ve already had the lights replaced for this very same reason before. I think there’s an issue with the micro USB connection (not secured to the rest of the device properly). Anyway, I passed on their offer to let me pay for their mistake.
Here’s the full list of problems I had with the Vis 180:
– Mount strap failure: the rubber strap rubbed against my leg and loosened the mount; light fell off during a ride never to be seen again
– Light won’t exit charging mode: has happened with 3 different lights
– Mount broke going over a bumb: I was commuting and hit a bump on a trail where a root was growing through. It wasn’t that hard of a hit, but I heard my light sliding on the ground behind me. Somehow, one of the arms connecting the mount had broken off. L&M sent me a new mounting attachment, but the light was never the same after that – it would randomly turn off when I hit bumps (it sucks to get home and notice that your rear light has been off for an unknown amount of time).

I’ve been pretty pleased with my Wis 360, but I can’t bring myself to endorse L&M or make future purchases given my most recent experience with their customer service.

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