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SOC15: Random Roundup with TRP, Beyond Coastal, Birzman, Wahoo Fitness, and More

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roundup trp electronic shift kit

Whether indicative of Sea Otter’s growth as a launch pad for new products, or a positive health report of the industry as a whole, it seems like everyone had something to show in Monterey. Even those who didn’t have a big product launch had at least something to show. For TRP that meant their new Hylex Di2 Adapter kit which was shown in retail packaging for the first time.

First Spotted on Ben Berden’s cross bike, and then shown at NAHBS in prototype form, TRP’s Hylex Di2 Adapter kit will have you running electronic shifting with hydraulic brakes for the price of a pair of Climber’s Shifters plus the cost of the kit…

Once you add the $49.99 Hylex Di2 adapter kit to your Hylex hydraulic brakes, the Shimano Climber’s Shifters will bolt in place and look something like this. Available now, the kit takes about 45 minutes to install and requires cutting a hole in the side of the brake hood with the included template.


roundup chums sunscreen (2)

roundup chums sunscreen (1)

Beyond Coastal gets some serious credit after keeping us protected from the sun’s rays one the days we stopped by their booth. Offering a true broad spectrum UVA, UVB protection from the sun, their sunscreens also leave your skin moisturized with green tea extract, yerba mate, and B5 panthenol. Perfect for cyclists, the Active sunscreen uses Avobenzone to block the sun in a Gluten Free, Cruelty Free, Fragrance Free, Oxybenzone Free, and Paraben Free cream that is water resistant for 80 minutes.

New to the Active Line is their 8oz Airless Pump bottle which allows you to get ever last drop out of the container without any aerosols. Available for $29.99, the sunscreen goes a long way so it should last you a while.


round up birzman feedback (2)

round up birzman feedback (3) round up birzman feedback (4)

First shown at the Taipei show, Birzman was on hand with the latest prototype of their torque wrench multi tool. Using a pressure sensitive button that sits under your thumb, the 5nm torque setting only works with the 4 and 5mm allens. Unlike other torque wrenches that break free at the bit, the Birzman tool uses the pressure of your thumb against the button to indicate when you’ve reached the proper torque. Look for the final release later this year at Eurobike.


sea otter round up skratch labs kask tickrx (3)

sea otter round up skratch labs kask tickrx (4) sea otter round up skratch labs kask tickrx (2)

While the latest product news from Kask is the introduction of their new Mojito XL which bumps up the sizing of their Mojito helmet for larger heads, Kask had this interesting custom helmet on display. The intricate decal job for Skratch Labs isn’t scheduled for production, but we’re assuming you might see this on Allen Lim or other Skratch employees later this year.

round up lezyne xpedo pedals (3) round up lezyne xpedo pedals (4)

Xpedo’s new DH pedal was floating around in two new yet unseen colors. We got our first look at this pedal at Frostbike, and it’s expected to be fully released at Interbike.

sea otter round up skratch labs kask tickrx (1)

Continuing with their heart rate strap evolution, the new TICKRx from Wahoo Fitness is an all in one training solution. With built in motion analytics, onbard memory, and the ability to talk to your Garmin or smartphone with ANT+ or Bluetooth the heart rate strap offers a unique training tool. It also is compatible with the Wahoo 7 minute workout app which uses 12 high intensity exercises to create a workout that can be done in just 7 minutes. The Motion analytics in the TICKRx monitor your workout and let you know if you’re doing each exercise correctly.

Available now, the fully waterproof TICKRx sells for $99.99.


round up lezyne xpedo pedals (2)

Lezyne surprised us all by introducing their new GPS units at the Taipei show, which meant we had seen their latest products at Sea Otter. Except for this custom Microphone mad from one of their tools that is…

round up birzman feedback (5) round up birzman feedback (1)

The Feedback Sports Velo Wall Post was introduced at Interbike but the simple device is still gaining steam. Meant as a sturdy support for any bike by the seat, the Velo Wall post is essentially one of their race racks that can fit on your wall. Able to fold up when not in use, the post can also be used to hold wheels, tires, or anything else that could hang from the device. Available now for $32.99.


roundup RST rogue plus  (1) roundup RST rogue plus  (2)

Another company that showed their hand in Taipei, RST had all of their newest goods on hand including their new Rogue Plus suspension fork. The fork uses a 34mm stanchion with Boost 110 spacing, 120-160mm of travel, a lighter damper, and clearance for 3.25″ tires. Available later this summer.

roundup oddities (2)

Of course it wouldn’t be a bike show without some oddities. Gnar Art caught the attention of passerbys with this awesome modified Specialized Big Hit complete with banana seat and reversed stem and whitewall tires.


With the show wrapped up, Ruthie Matthes tests out the trunk capacity of Magura’s new Show car. They don’t make ’em like they used to.

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8 years ago

Who is Wahoo targeting with that 7 minute workout? Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m working on something that’s going to be revolutionary. I’m calling it: Six Minute Watts

8 years ago

It’s 7! Seven Minutes, you hear me Mike!?! Who ever heard of a 6 minute workout anyway

Chris L.
Chris L.
8 years ago

Like that TRP adapter. I love electronic shifting and I love hydraulic disc brakes. What I don’t like is having two incredibly expensive components combined into one unit which results in the potential for extremely expensive repairs in the event of a crash. Lot cheaper to replace a busted brake level than a brake/shift lever. Smart.

Nic M
Nic M
8 years ago

The TickrX is a good try, but it is not fully waterproof. It actually doesn`t work at all in water: triathletes beware!

After shipping me a replacement unit because they thought maybe something was wrong with mine, this is what I got from WahooFitness Customer Service`s Ian Evans:

“Unfortunately we have not yet found a fix for this. If you would like to return both of the TICKR X’s to me, I can get you refunded. ”

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