trickstuff wide range mountain bike cassette machined from single piece of metal

Trickstuff is adding a wide range cassette to their lineup with this three piece unit called the 4111 cassette, as in 11-41. Where most of Trickstuff’s products are made in their home country of Germany, they worked with Response to develop it and it’s being made in Taiwan.

While it looks identical to the SEQlite cassette we spotted at Taipei Cycle Show, there’s at least one functional difference: The big cog has 41 teeth, not 40 or 42. It also has ready-to-ship U.S. distribution for those of us here in the States.

Detail pics and plenty more new stuff below…

trickstuff wide range mountain bike cassette machined from single piece of metal

The cassette is a 10-speed unit made up of a steel main cluster, aluminum large cluster and steel 11-tooth end piece. An alloy lock ring holds it all in place.

trickstuff wide range mountain bike cassette machined from single piece of metal trickstuff wide range mountain bike cassette machined from single piece of metal

Weight on our scale was 262g, slightly lighter than the 275g claimed weight. Price is $329, available now.


SQ Labs brought out new Hans Rey signature saddle and grips. He’s been riding the brand for about a decade, so you could say it’s about time. Only the graphics are new, not the actual saddle and grips.


The saddle uses an elastomer between the shell and the rail’s attachment point, letting it rock back and forth slightly with your body’s natural motion.


New orange grip color to match some of their saddles, and this one is the new 711MX grip, which is a more technical grip that has a much smaller palm rest “wing” so you can grab around it better.


Timmy C, who’s the drummer bass player for Rage Against the Machine, is getting this special edition saddle. Why? Because he’s an avid cyclist and posted over 1 million vertical feet on Strava last year. Both his and Hans’ are based on the 611 Active MTB Ti Saddle.


Did you notice those pointy things under the saddles? That’s SQlab’s saddle sizing measurement device. Simply put a piece of paper on it and sit, and the two round spots that poke through the most are where your sit bones put the most pressure. Mark the center of those circles and measure the distance between them and you’ll know which size saddle fits you best.


Orange Seal has a new, larger 16oz size for $19.99, sold as a refill only without the injector. For comparison, the small bottle 8oz with injector is $14.99, and 12.99 without.

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7 years ago

Awesome. Finally a 41T, thank you very much. 40T being too high and 42T too low for a largest cog.

7 years ago

tim commerford plays bass.

7 years ago

$329 MSRP on the cassette? Ouch! Might as well buy a new 11-speed Shimano XT cassette, shifter, and derailleur for less than that, or am I missing something?

7 years ago

@Tom – well if you want exactly an 11-41 cassette, then XT is not going to fix all your problems.