Just before the show, WTB launched the ByWay Road Plus tire, a new tubeless ready 650b x 47 gravel road bike tire option for those looking to get a little rowdier (or a little less loose) on the dirt. It takes the Horizon 47 casing and basically adds a little extra puncture protection and low profile, blocky side knobs with file tread transition sections. Hit the link to prior coverage for full specs. The new new for Sea Otter was the Bridger Plus TCS Tough, which took one of their most popular plus mountain bike tires and gave it better cut resistance and a more supportive sidewall compared to the original (and still available) TCS Light version. Pics below…

Looking for a smoother tire? That’ll be found on their Horizon 47.

The Bridger TCS Tough will come in a 27.5 x 3.0 and weigh in at a claimed 1464g, about 250g more than the TCS Light model. Price is $76.95, available now.


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